5.30W Open End and Line of Credit Lending



In a world that expects immediate response and immediate satisfaction, the time between a loan request and the money being put in the members hands is shrinking daily. One key to members being satisfied with the credit unions loan program is the automated distribution of pre-approved, open-end, and line-of-credit loans.


With automation, challenges will come. How do you avoid disbursing on delinquent loans? How do you recalculate payments? How do you analyze credit expiration dates? This class will answer these and many other questions on how CU*BASE can lead the way to member satisfaction.


This class is designed for loan supervisors and loan product developers.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

n Described the difference between open-end, closed-end, and line-of-credit loans using CU*BASE

n Reviewed different styles of line-of-credit and open-end loans

n Analyzed the process for key areas where data-processing automation can replace lending personnel and the need for manual decisions


n Loan category options

§ Review dates

§ Payment changes

§ Disbursement vs. all transactions

§ Payment-change timing

§ Disbursements from zero balance

§ Estimated calculations

§ Amortized calculations

§ Table calculations

n Disbursement Points

§ Teller line

§ Overdraft protection

§ Checks

§ ATMs

§ Audio response

§ Shared Branch Outlets

n Open-end loan contracts

n Analyzing promissory notes and disclosure paperwork

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