5.12W CU*BASE Escrow Processing



In this class we will review CU*BASE options for maintaining mortgage escrow shares and escrow analysis. From the initial configuration of type codes and escrow payees through the payment procedures and annual escrow statement, you will learn the interactive features that make CU*BASE a robust, comprehensive escrow-processing system.

Whether you are a current user of the escrow-processing system or haven't had much experience with it, this class will be beneficial. Pick up some new tips or use the information to decide in favor of automating escrow processing this year.


This class is designed for loan product designers, lending managers and supervisors, and member service supervisors.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

n        Discussed escrow administration and Government regulation

n        Investigated escrow set up, disbursement and analysis

n        Reviewed using CU*BASE for escrow administration  


n        Escrow Share configuration

n        Escrow Payees/Type Codes

n        Open escrow account/add payees

n        Disbursement report

n        Disbursing escrow payments

n        Tax, Insurance and PMI tracking

n        Escrow Analysis

n        Analysis Configuration

n        Preview(Trial)/Create(Final) Analysis

n        RESPA – real estate settlement procedures act

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CU*BASE Escrow Processing
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