5.10W Lending From Request to Disbursement: Understanding the Application Process



This class focuses on selling loans to members. From the initial "hello, how are you?" to the "where would you like your loan funds?" this class shows how CU*BASE can make every credit union staff member an effective loan sales rep.

The key to making a member a lifetime borrower is an interactive lending database that tracks the members application information the entire time that member is active. This database creates a state of readiness that can be accessed for use not only by credit union staff but for the online banking products of the future.

How do you sell a loan?  Are your members "on line" or do they still fill out applications, wait in line, and wonder why you don't remember them since the last time they needed a loan?


This class is designed for all credit union personnel involved in selling loans to members.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

nAnalyzed the steps and components of a loan interview from start through closing.

nDiscussed the measurement of a loan department's output.

n Discussed additional uses for underwriting databases.

nDefined the key components of approving or denying a member loan request.


  • Loan Quoter
  • Loan Requests and Working with the Electronic Loan File
  • Credit Reports
  • Outstanding Loans
  • Open-End Loan Contract
  • Risk-Based Lending
  • Loan Application Processing and Household Enrollment
  • Printing Loan Forms
  • Creating Loans and Disbursing Funds
  • Loan File Verification
  • Underwriting Databases:
  • Member Written Applications
  • Online Household Database
  • Online Archived Applications