5.00C Designing CU*BASE Loan Products



This class covers the CU*BASE tools utilized in configuring credit union loan products.  From servicing controls, to financial analysis, to examination reporting, CU*BASE leads the way in flexibility and creative processing for today’s loan team.  This class concentrates on the broad picture of what makes up a loan portfolio and how it is focused.


This class is designed for marketing and loan product developers.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  •        Analyzed CU*BASE loan categories and their flexible configuration.
    • Learned about business-unit configuration
    • Discussed loan-underwriter approval limits
  •         Examined configuration tools (purpose codes, security codes, etc.) for analyzing and reporting on the loan portfolio.
  •         Reviewed compliance, communication, and training tools available for the loan manager.


  •         Loan Categories as the Controlling Service Parameter
  •         Multiple Account Suffixes
  •         Interest Calculation Methods
  •         Delinquency Calculation Methods
  •         Disbursement Alternatives
  •         Insurance Alternatives
  •         Mortgage/Construction Loan Information
  •         Understanding the Difference Between MEMBER5 and MEMBER6
  •         General Ledger Interfaces
  •         IRS Reporting
  •         Payment Change Options
  •         Purpose Codes
  •         Security Codes
  •         Collateral Codes
  •         Insurance Tracking
  •         Other Miscellaneous Configuration Options
  •         Configuring Loan Products for Rate Inquiry and the Online Banking “Rate Board

Course Offerings Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.