4.95W Next Suggested Product Targeted Sales Prompts.



Next Suggested Product is a unique and valuable sales tool that that brings your cross-sales initiatives to the next level. Run a one-time communication initiative or build an entire network of sales prompts. Then use the cross sales tool to document the results of sales
conversations, track incentives, and indicate the need for future action.

Provide staff with immediate resources on communication prompts to engage and inform
members of opportunities or news that is most relevant to each individual member.

Use the knowledge from this class to build a framework of sales prompts that lead and support member-facing staff in their sales conversations with members.

Note: Implementation of a Next Suggested Product routine works best with a basic knowledge of Trackers.


This course is designed for credit union marketing personnel and all credit union leaders, from supervisors to CEOs.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Developed an understanding of how to configure Next Suggested Product Trackers
  • Gained an in-depth knowledge of how to best implement Next Suggested Product
  • Discussed how Next Suggested Product can enhance sales and communication with members
  • Reviewed the details of working Next Suggested Product Trackers as an end user
  • Explored Cross Sales Analysis Dashboard options for both general overview and personal success tracking


  • Configuring Next Suggested Product
  • Implementing Next Suggested Product
  • Analyzing Next Suggested Product statistics

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Next Suggested Product Targeted Sales Prompts.
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