4.13W Cross Sales & Sales Trackers: Offering Relevant Opportunities to Your Members

Marketing / Sales


In this course, discover how CU*BASE cross sales tools and Sales Trackers can provide your staff with the information they need at exactly the right time and in a place that is easily accessible from member service screens.

Sales Trackers allow staff to easily review prior conversations on a topic in order to be well prepared for a related conversation with the same member. Using this tool, staff can also document the results of their member conversation, track incentives, and indicate whether future action is needed.

With CU*BASE cross sales tools and Sales Trackers, your staff can focus their sales efforts specifically on the products and services a particular member may need. Staff can also track their own success via their personal Cross Sales Analysis dashboard.


This course is designed for credit union marketing personnel and all credit union leaders, from supervisors to CEOs.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Discussed how CU*BASE cross sales tools can help them find and track sales opportunities identified for specific members
  • Explored how CU*BASE Sales Trackers complement the overall member relationship
  • Investigated how to keep member communications consistent with those conducted by other staff


  • Configuring and implementing the CU*BASE cross sales tool
  • Configuring and implementing the CU*BASE Sales Tracker tool
  • Identifying and logging a sales opportunity
  • Tracking personal employee sales success
  • Understanding the Next Suggested Product

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.