4.10W Introduction to CU*BASE Marketing and Sales Tools

Marketing / Sales


Got a product to sell? An announcement to make?  Need to quickly contact your entire membership?  Now what? CU*BASE marketing tools help users manage the sales portfolios of products, staff members, and the credit union itself. This means the credit union must consciously adopt a communications culture dedicated to serving members and winning them over every time there is a member interaction. In this way, every credit union leader and team member will be involved in marketing, and everyone will be accountable for achieving results.  Concepts learned in this course will support a credit union’s strategies for reaching
members and fulfilling their needs and financial goals.


Note: CU*BASE marketing programs can be utilized separately or strategically combined to meet your credit union’s marketing and communication needs.  Be sure to register for the following courses to take advantage of what CU*BASE can do for you:

  • 4.12: Member Connect: Building a Communication Network within CU*BASE
  • 4.13: Cross Sales & Sales Trackers: Offering Relevant Opportunities to Your Members


This class is designed for credit union marketing personnel and all credit union leaders, from supervisors to CEOs.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Reviewed multiple CU*BASE marketing tools that can be used to create an effective marketing campaign
  • Investigated interactive CU*BASE tools that support a sales-based culture
  • Developed an understanding of the Member Connect tool
  • Reviewed the basic Sales Tracker system as it relates to sales opportunities and
  • Gained introductory knowledge of need groups and task categories within the Sales Tracker system


  • Member Connect
    • How to obtain a target audience
    • eCommunications: online banking messages and email
    • Print: mailing labels and selective statement inserts
    • Verbal conversation: mass Trackers for phone contact or Next Suggested Product prompt
  •  Cross sales tools
    • Using the Sales Tracker system to initiate and document sales conversations with the member
    • Memo types, need groups, and task categories
    • Next Suggested Product overview
  •  Miscellaneous sales features
    • Member surveys: asking and documenting frontline feedback from members
    • Smart Messages: intelligent image marketing within It’s Me 247

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Introduction to CU*BASE Marketing and Sales Tools
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