3.95 Planning for Year-End and Using the YE Processing Guide



This class is designed to review the many tasks and procedures related with end-of-year and annual tax reporting.

We will review the entire Year-End Processing Guide for the current year.


This class is designed for all staff responsible for completing year-end tasks.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  • Discussed critical deadlines
  • Reviewed detailed procedures
  • Explored necessary tasks for verification
  • Reviewed deadlines for various tasks


  • Task List
  • Tax Forms and Pricing
  • Using Member Statements as Substitute 1099-INTs
  • Bonus Dividends and Loan Interest Rebates
  • Verification
    • Loan Categories (1098 Reporting)
    • Shares and CDs (1099-INT Reporting)
    • A/P Vendors (1099-MISC Reporting)
    • IRA Balance File
    • The Tax File and Printing the 1099/1098 Tax Report
  • IRAs
    • Form 1099-R Instructions (CMG-Administered)
    • Form 5498 Instructions (CMG-Administered)
    • Form 5498 Instructions (Self-Administered)
  • Other Forms

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.