3.40W CU Financials: Configuration, Printing, and Other Options

Accounting / Back Office


This class will concentrate on the structure and basic outline of the credit union's chart of accounts and its financials: the balance sheet and income statement. cu*base allows 99 reports per chart of accounts, and the printing of up to 8 columns of side-by-side period analysis. from day-to-day balancing to board packet preparation, knowing how to get the right information is critical.


This class is designed for accounting and financial managers.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

n Used CU*BASE development tools to create and print credit union financials including balance sheets and income statements

n Analyzed how the capacity in CU*BASE for 99 configurable financial reports can be used for detailed accounting reports such as non-earning assets

n Learned about exporting financials

n Learned about different output options



n Understanding the need for multiple formats of key accounting reports

n Balance sheet

§ Board format

§ Membership format

§ Trial-balance format

§ Analytical-review format

n Income statement

§ Month end

§ Year end

§ Quarterly

n General reports

§ Non-earning assets

§ Daily-reconciling reports

§ Departmental reports

n Designing reports using class examples

n 5300 financials

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.