3.26W 5300 Tools: Call Report Techniques from Xtend SRS

Accounting / Back Office


 This class shares proven methods that Xtend SRS uses when they complete 5300 Call Reports for their clients. Hear tips from experts on restructuring your configurations, developing new report formats, and making decisions that could make your prep for the 5300 easier and more efficient.


This class is designed for staff who participate in the creation of the quarterly call report.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

n Discussed tools on CU*BASE that help create the call report

n Explored revised/existing reports on CU*BASE that will help retrieve the data needed for reporting

n Investigated time-saving efficiencies

n Reviewed the process SRS Bookkeeping takes to complete a call report for a client



n Creating the 5300 financial statement

n Creating a legend/mapping of your loan products

n Configuring the call-report data on CU*BASE (starting with the previous quarter)

n Creating 5300 Call Report instructions

n How to improve the amount of review time it takes you each quarter

n 5300 Call Report definition

§ Give to auditors

n Statistical reports

§ Member trial balance

§ Official-family loans

n Loan-information reports

§ Trial balance

§ Delinquency

§ Rate analysis

n Reading the report in CU*Spy


Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.