3.25W SRS Bookkeeping Services - Sharing our Policies and Procedures

Accounting / Back Office


This class reviews the contents of the SRS Bookkeeping Services Policy and Procedures for performing the Draft and ACH exception processing.  It also goes through the step by step flow of the run sheets used to complete a days work following the recommended guidelines in the Balancing Made Easy book.


This class is designed for accounting supervisors and general accounting personnel.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

n        Discussed the Draft, ACH and ATM exception policy and procedures used by SRS clients

n        Examined the daily run sheets daily run sheets used to complete a days work for an SRS credit union client.

n        Described the Services offered by SRS


n        Share Draft exception policies and procedures

n        ACH exception policies and procedures

n        ATM exception policies and procedures

n        SRS Run sheets for daily credit union procedures

n        Print reports

n        Work exceptions

n        Post settlement/return amounts to G/L

n        Reconcile ATM/Debit Card/Online Credit Card vendors

n        Reconcile 739-00/LGLACT

n        Review EOD exception reports

n        List of Services offered by SRS bookkeeping services team

n        Enhancements requested by SRS Team

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.