3.15W Advanced General Ledger

Accounting / Back Office


Are you ready for the next level of understanding the CU*BASE general ledger tools? Do you know how to use all of the reports that are generated on a daily basis? Need some tips on finding and solving tough balancing challenges?

This class expands on the basic information introduced in course 3.10 Introduction to General Ledger tools.


This class is designed for credit union accounting personnel responsible for daily balancing tasks.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Reviewed daily reports that can be used in balancing and monitoring G/L activity.
  • Explored various CU*BASE balancing and tracking tools.
  • Reviewed how to add new G/L accounts to your Chart of Accounts.


  •  Journal-entry templates
  •  Chart-of-accounts maintenance
  •  Budget overview
  •  G/L closing
  •  90-day-delinquent loan interest
  • Smart Operator review
  • Advanced G/L-history inquiries
  • Trial balance-G/L verification
  •  Vault-G/L verification
  •  Printing monthly G/L history for account range
  •  Advanced general ledger
  •  Printing general journal or history (daily)
  •  Printing TR-system journal analysis
  •  Member Account Adjustment Report
  •  General Transaction Report
  •  CU*Spy reports

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.