17.15C Getting Started with Unique Data Management (UDM) for CEOs

CEO School


Unique Data Management (UDM) is the direct result of a Data Boot Camp attendee and credit union pushing for the ability of the credit union to create, gather, and analyze data for action. It started out as “give us some custom fields” and ended up being “give us the tools to create for our future data without limits.”
If that sounds like something you should check out, then sign up for this class and learn more. We will investigate the current capabilities of UDM and where we think it will go as the CU*BASE community
embraces the power of being the architects of data solutions.
It takes vision to create technical solutions that your team will run with. Come learn how to put your vision to work.
In the course 17.14 Database Management: Tool Spotlight for CEOs, we discussed the concepts for data management and the potential stress when you go live. This course will test those concepts.


Credit union CEOs: This class is designed for credit union and CUSO executives/business designers investigating how to move beyond just using data solutions to actually building data and collection methods to enhance them.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:
• Discussed how to organize their leadership team to take advantage of UDM tools
• Explored the data governance and process rules for how UDM is used and the data designed
• Explored the toolset necessary for managing a set of UDM custom fields and reviewed how credit union staff will be able to view and update UDM data
• Explored reports and analysis on UDM custom data


This course covers the following topics:
• Best practices for UDM data structure
• Tools for managing, viewing, and reporting on UDM data
• Incorporating UDM data into your data analysis strategies
• Understanding how to collect data and populate your UDM database
• What is the future for UDM?
• Self‐directed floods, batch collection/population of data
• UDM fields attached to other CU*BASE tables

Course Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.