17.10C CU*BASE Management Tools for CEOs: Leadership Dashboards & Visual Analytics Tools (VAT)

CEO School


It all started with CU*BASE dashboards and the idea that everyday tasks could be improved with analysis, trending, and database demographic techniques to the get the work done in CU*BASE.  Today there are more than 100 dashboards in the CU*BASE analytics toolkit. During this session, participants will discuss what is next, new visual tools to enhance their presentations, and how new PHP web modules and presentation will up their game in the future. Almost every role at the credit union can be enhanced when using one of these dashboards.


Credit union CEOs: This class is designed for credit union and CUSO executives/business designers investigating how to use data as a currency and foundation for building trust, engaging contributors, and finding the spark that might be missing in their staff’s day‐today tasks.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:
• Listed the tools that collectively form the suite of leadership dashboards
• Set goals based on results found by reviewing CU*BASE dashboards
• Identified methods used in analyzing dashboard data
• Explored how to use dashboard data to improve credit union operations
• Discussed how to create a plan to periodically track information and use it to increase profitability
• Explored the role of graphics in a data analytics strategy
• Examined the value of presenting analytics with CU*BASE visual analytics tools


This course covers the following topics:
• Key CU*BASE management analysis tools
• Member spending trends
• Internal controls
• Benchmarking activity
• Understanding member activity
• Understanding member preferences
• Understanding your membership
• Auditing and mining activity
• Visual analytics tools (VAT)
• Where to find them
• The best chart types for different data sets
• Extracting and sharing VAT graphics
• Strategies for expanding an audience for data with VAT

Course Offerings Schedule

Future times and dates are to be determined.