16.12C Getting Started with Unique Data Management (UDM)

Asterisk Intelligence


This course introduces participants to Unique Data Management (UDM) custom fields, a design your own database solution that enables the creation of customized data points to collect and store in CU*BASE.  Participants learn strategies for working with UDM tools in CU*BASE.


This course is designed for database managers, database administrators, and any other credit union staff member responsible for data.


By the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
 List best practices for configuring and managing custom fields
 Identify the toolset needed to manage a set of custom fields
 View custom fields and their entries
 Update custom fields and their entries
 Generate custom field reports


This course covers the following topics:
 Configuring custom fields
 Differences between membership-level and account level custom fields
 Data entry tools that can be used with custom fields
 Reviewing custom field entries
 Database tables that store custom field entries
 Best practices for maintaining custom fields and their entries

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