15.03W Leadership Essentials for New Supervisors

Human Resources


Becoming a credit union supervisor can be a great career move, but going in unprepared can prove disastrous.  Transitioning into a leadership role requires not only a new set of skills, but different priorities as well.  This course will show participants how to handle supervisory responsibilities and move forward with confidence.


This course was designed for any credit union employee who has recently been given a supervisory role for the first time or who is being considered for such a role.



By the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify skills required for a successful transition into a leadership role
  • List effective methods of communicating, setting goals, and providing feedback
  • List Daily Responsibilities


  • The importance of establishing oneself early on as a supervisor
  • Team building through honest communication
  • Day-to-day duties of a supervisor
  • Learning from fellow supervisors

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Leadership Essentials for New Supervisors
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