13.02W MAP/MOP - Applying for Membership Online

Internet Retailer Support Center

The Internet Retailer Support Center (IRSC) is a new support desk at CU*Answers for credit union virtual channel project managers. It brings together several digital strategy products into one cohesive location and a single point of contact—no more searching across CU*Answers’ websites for forms saved in different places! Credit unions looking to expand their virtual channel marketplace will be able to shop and explore the offerings online as well as check project development status.


This course covers the redesigned online membership application. In this course, participants will learn about MAP and MOP, the new automated membership opening processes that allow a non-member to not only apply for membership, but also perform all the steps necessary to become a credit union member.


This class is designed for all credit union personnel and all credit union leaders, from marketing to CEOs.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Explored the difference between MAP/MOP
  • Taken a look at how other credit unions are using MAP/MOP
  • Examined the risk of online membership applications
  • Reviewed the steps to launch a MAP/MOP site for their own credit union


  • The differences between MAP and MOP
  • Launching a MAP/MOP site
  • MAP/MOP customizable features
  • Future MAP/MOP enhancements