12.03W Online Credit Cards: On the Front Line



A member has questions about their new credit card account, and you need to understand the CU*BASE tools so that you can assist the member. Attend this class to learn how to understand the credit card account through Phone Operator and the Inquiry feature. You will also learn about making payments and cash advances.

A payment has been applied incorrectly and an adjustment needs to be made to a members credit card account. Join us in this class to learn the dos and donts of performing miscellaneous account adjustments.


This class is designed for all staff members needing to answer questions regarding credit card accounts and for staff members who have authority to make adjustments to credit card accounts.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Discussed the features available in Phone Operator and Inquiry
  • Investigated the processes for making payments and cash advances
  • Reviewed delinquent credit card accounts and how to manage them
  • Discussed how to identify the correct adjustment method to use
  • Investigated the impact on a credit card account when an adjustment is made
  • Reviewed the account history after an adjustment is performed



  • Credit card features within Inquiry and Phone Operator
  • Delinquent credit card accounts
  • Making payments
  • Cash advances
  • Performing miscellaneous account adjustments for credit card accounts
  • How to ensure youre performing the adjustment to achieve the correct results

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