12.02C Online Credit Cards: Daily Maintenance/Reports



Now you have implemented Online Credit Cards.  What is the next step in monitoring your program?  In this class you will be introduced to daily and monthly reports you should be reviewing, as well as managing changes that need to be made to the loan now that it is on CU*BASE.


This class is designed for credit union staff responsible for monitoring and maintaining credit card loans on CU*BASE.


By the completion of this course, students will have:

  • Reviewed the reports that should be viewed and monitored on a daily basis
  • Discussed account maintenance and restricted card maintenance
  • Explored rate maintenance and payment changes
  • Reviewed skip a pay and adding signers
  • Investigated how to update and order cards


  • Reports that should be reviewed on a daily basis
  • Reports that should be reviewed on a monthly basis
  • Adding additional signers
  • Choosing the correct credit card product
  • Rate maintenance
  • Block code maintenance
  • Restricted card maintenance
  • Update/order cards
  • Skip a pay
  • Payment change
  • Fixed payments

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