10.03 CU*BASE Management Tools: Leadership Dashboards

Earnings Edge


This class focuses on the powerful CU*BASE Menus and how collectively they form a dashboard of your operations. This class is a practical look into how you and your management staff can observe trends, track activities, review profitability, and audit key factors driving your business. 

Through investigation of multiple CU*BASE menus you will begin to formulate a technique to monitor member activity, understand the importance of internal controls, discover deficiencies you may have in your current practices and how maintain a satisfactory standard of operation.

CU*Answers hopes that by teaching you how to review the results, you’ll become interested in knowing how to predict the results using CU*BASE configuration and design tools


Credit Union Leaders and Managers


By the completion of this course, students will have:

n        Reviewed menus that collectively form the suite of Leadership Dashboards.

n        Discussed setting goals based on results found by searching dashboards.

n        Investigated methods to use in analyzing data from the dashboards.

n        Discovered techniques for using information from the dashboards to improve operations

Formed a plan to periodically track information and use it to increase profitability


n        Trending Member Money

n        Internal Controls

n        Benchmarking Activity

n        Understanding Member Activity

n        Understanding Member Preferences

n        Understanding Your Membership

n        Auditing and Mining Activity

n        Menus Reviewed

§     MNMGMT

§     MNMGMT

§     MNMGMA

§     MNGELE

§     MNMRKT

§     MNUPDA

§     MNCOLL

§     MNLOAN

§     MNHTLA

§     MNCNFD

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