1.40 Xpress Teller Techniques

Teller / Member Service


This course takes a detailed look at the functions available in CU*BASE that assist staff in delivering superior service to members. The course uses service examples and tips that allow users to work with almost any member request without leaving the teller-processing area. 


This course is designed for tellers and line personnel who have been working with members using CU*BASE for at least four to six weeks.


By the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Process basic member requests
  • List tips on navigating the CU*BASE Teller Processing system
  • Identify tools and skills required to be a complete financial service representative working the teller line
  • Explain member service workflow options


This course covers the following topics:

  • Member dialogue in unison with CU*BASE functions
  • Funds in Control
  • Posting options
  • Check-cashing options
  • Funds-forward options
  • Using process codes
  • Miscellaneous Receipts options
  • Reprinting receipts
  • eReceipts
  • Photo ID capture
  • Phone Operator access
  • Over-the-counter fee options
  • Access to opening and closing memberships/accounts and Rate Inquiry
  • Understanding the teller’s role in the credit union communication chain
  • Online CTR form


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