1.30W Head Teller Vault/Change Fund Management

Teller / Member Service


This class is based on the management of the Change Fund and its daily cycle. The course deals with selling, buying, and transferring cash to and from both the bank and tellers. Topics covered include tips on balancing the Change Fund, helping tellers balance cash drawers, and reducing non-earning cash volumes. Special attention is paid to member correction and teller line adjustments.

This course is also available anytime as a recorded webinar. Click here to view the webinar.


This class is designed for lead tellers, head tellers, and cash managers, its also a great cross-training class for accounting and audit control personnel.


By the completion of this course, students will have:


  • Used CU*BASE tools to balance a vault
  • Performed teller cash/vault buy/sell
  • Completed a teller drawer adjustment
  • Completed a member account adjustment.


  • Balancing and Inquiry
  •  Drawer Purchase/Sell
  • Vault Purchase/Sell
  • ATM Purchase/Sell
  • Audit Keys and Teller Audit
  • Tracking Denominations
  •  Miscellaneous Receipts Report
  • Drawer Correction
  • Transaction Reversal (Including Multi-Corporation)
  • Account Adjustment vs. Transaction Reversal
  •  Cash Over/Short
  • Teller Closing Reports and Inquiry
  •  Vault Reports and Inquiry
  • Change Fund Reports and Inquiry
  • Posting Coded and Regular Account Adjustments

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