November 21, 2016

Release Summaries

Are you looking for information about future releases? Check out the Release Planning Page Or take a look at training and demo videos from previous releases. 2020 Owner’s View Monthly Recap – July 2020 Owner’s View Monthly Recap – June 2020 CU*BASE Release 20.07 Release Summary – July 12, 2020 CU*BASE Release 20.07 Tool Changes –… Read more »

Release Planning

Ever wonder what’s coming for CU*BASE or It’s Me 247 online banking or other CU*Answers tools?  This page is intended to help you keep in the loop for things that are in the pipeline or nearing completion.  Just remember that our development cycle is a living, breathing machine and we are committed to remaining flexible and nimble so that… Read more »

Pricing Guides

  Pricing Philosophy Pricing is a tricky business. You can approach it from several different perspectives, ranging from “charge what the market will bear,” to “recover your development costs plus a small profit,” to “give it away and hope for a bigger payoff down the road from the relationship,” to myriad other cost accounting, profit… Read more »

“Tricks of the Trade” Newsletter Series

CU*Answers provides a wealth of education and documentation tools. Although the series is on temporary hiatus, you can still get a lot of great information from previous editions of the newsletter: what resources are available, how to find and use them, and best-kept secrets you maybe haven’t run across before! Documentation: Tricks of the Trade… Read more »

Risk Assessment Center

Share with Your Partners! Have you developed a risk assessment format that you believe works well and satisfies the NCUA requirements? Share your format with your CUSO partners! Submit a copy of your risk assessment or the template you used (clean it up to remove any details you’d rather keep private, of course) to… Read more »

My Favorite Dashboards and Reports Series

These helpful brochures cover over 60 CU*BASE dashboards and reports and over 100 CU*SPY reports! My Favorite Dashboards and Reports Auditing and Compliance Jim Vilker, Vice President, Professional Services, AuditLink, CU*Answers, has picked his top ten CU*BASE dashboards and reports in the My Favorite Dashboards and Reports – Auditing and Compliance brochure. Use this resource… Read more »