What do you want on your Dashboard?

What do you want on your DASHBOARD?  Submit your preferences using the online survey. “What do you want on your Tombstone?,” an executioner asks a condemned man. “Cheese and pepperoni,” the man replies in a memorable television commercial for Tombstone Pizza. Started from meager beginnings circa 1962 at a tavern in Wisconsin, by 1995 Tombstone… Read more »

Mar 29, 2010

Credit CARD Act – More Statement Changes for March

We have completed the next round of changes to our credit card statement formats to comply with the new requirements of the Credit CARD Act. This month we will be adding the required new fee disclosure information to the transaction section of the statement. Read the Summary of Statement Changes View the Statement Samples Read… Read more »

Mar 25, 2010

Attention! FOCUS GROUP via Web Conference – Risk Management website tour

Risk Management and Third Party Vendor Relationships are hot topics.  CU*Answers provides a website devoted to supporting your credit union’s efforts in managing those vendor relationships while tracking adherence to regulations and maintaining compliance.  This focus group will introduce you to the basic features of the Risk Management Report Generator site while demonstrating the functionality… Read more »

Mar 25, 2010

5300 Call Report: 1st Qtr Update

Before you start working on your 1st Qtr Call Report in CU*BASE, be sure to check out the changes we’ve made since last quarter. Don’t forget – you can start working on your Q110 Call Report any time after April 1, but be sure to wait until all entries have been posted to your general… Read more »

Mar 25, 2010

RE: Give Mobile Banking to Your Members TODAY!

It’s here! And you can turn it on for your members today! Introducing the first product in our suite of solutions for members who live on their mobile devices:  It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking is live…and because it’s already included in your e-Commerce Fee, it’s free to turn it on for your members. As… Read more »

Mar 16, 2010

CU*BASE Release 9.7 Coming

CU*BASE Release 9.7 has been scheduled for Sunday, March 14, 2010, for online clients. Our cuasterisk.com partners will receive this release on Sunday, March 21. Self processors will receive this release along with release 10.0 on June 7-8, 2010. Open the Release Summary

Mar 10, 2010

Resolution for Online Credit Card Due Dates

Per our prior CU*BASE Alerts, we were able to write a program to correct all of the online credit card accounts where due dates had been moved forward incorrectly when February statements were generated. Open the recap explaining what occurred and the repair we performed.

Mar 5, 2010

WIN a PowWOW registration from CU*Answers!

What would you do with a Talent Source Hosted Portal? How could it change the way your staff communicates? How could it strengthen member relationships? How can you wrap best practices around your investment in a new business tool?  Tell us, and win a chance to go to the Passageways PowWOW in Indianapolis, Indiana! WESCO… Read more »

Mar 4, 2010

Audit Link Advisor Issue 9

Attached is another issue of the Audit Link Advisor, your link to the latest news on compliance. In this issue: Recommendations for the Credit CARD Act. Open the PDF or Visit the Advisor site, http://advisor.cuanswers.com/

Mar 4, 2010

Project Sheet Procedure Change

This is just a quick heads up about some procedural changes for project sheets that you might start to notice soon.  Following our spring clean-up project last week, we decided to change the process a bit to make it easier to track how project sheets move through the system and are regularly reviewed. New Procedure… Read more »

Mar 3, 2010