CO-OP Runs Ad In USA Today In Response To Banks And The ATM Surcharge Debate

SURCHARGE-FREE CO-OP NETWORK ASKS…‘WHY PAY BANKS $3?’ As discussion about $3 ATM surcharges by banks continues to swirl, CO-OP Financial Services is running an advertisement in USA Today (Oct. 10) that delineates the credit union side of the issue. View the Ad. Read the whole Press Release at CO-OP Financial Services Website.

Oct 11, 2007

HSA Data Conversion with the Fall Release

With the CU*BASE 7.2 release coming this weekend (October 15), online credit unions will receive an email reminder about the release summary as well as a separate document describing the data conversion for any HSA products the credit union currently offers. If your credit union has HSAs, be sure to read the announcement.

Oct 9, 2007

CU*Answers Video Tour

Follow our clients’ ideas and our team members on a tour of our Grand Rapids facilities. Watch the Video on YouTube

Oct 8, 2007

Vendor Partnership Search

Xtend and CU*Answers are looking to develop a strategic partnership with an ALM provider that will allow credit unions of all sizes to take advantage of a comprehensive ALM software and analysis tool set. We thought the best way to approach this search is to collect information from you, the end user, and build a… Read more »

Sep 28, 2007

CU*BASE Fall Release Coming

The CU*BASE Fall Release software upgrade is scheduled for October 15, 2007, for online clients, and November 5 or 6 for our self processing clients. Open the Release Summary Training Schedule (RSVP required by Oct 3!) Menu Changes (for CU Security Officers)

Sep 25, 2007

Changes to CASS Certification

Per new U. S. Postal Service regulations that are now in effect for all CASS Certifications, Sage Direct and CU*Answers have been gearing up for some changes to how the quarterly CASS certification process will affect your member address records. Instructions For Online Credit Unions Instructions For Self Processing Credit Unions

Sep 24, 2007

Updated Printer Instructions for Statement Inserts

We’ve got an update to the printer instructions you received a few weeks ago – apparently we made a typo on the address for Sage Direct! Sorry about that! If you’ve already passed this on to your print vendor, please be sure to send on this revised copy.

Sep 24, 2007

Online CUs: September Month-End

Because month-end falls on a Sunday this month, we have received a number of inquiries asking if month-end reports will be ready for viewing on Sunday. So for all you weekend workaholics out there, here is our plan for handling month-end this weekend: Daily and monthly processing for online credit unions is expected to be… Read more »

Sep 24, 2007

Self Processing CUs: September Month-End

Because of this automation, CU*BASE requires that you run beginning-of-day and end-of-day for the first and last day of every month. Because of how September month-end falls, you may need to make special considerations. If your credit union is not open on Saturday (September 29), you do not need to run beginning and end-of-day for… Read more »

Sep 24, 2007