CU*BASE Release 9.0 Coming

CU*BASE Release 9.0 has been scheduled for May 18, 2009, for online clients, and June 3 and 4 (Wed. & Thurs.) for our self processing clients. Open the Release Summary Open the Training Schedule Register for Training (RSVP required by May 6) Learn About 360-Day Mortgage Enhancements

Apr 22, 2009

HA Rollover Scheduled for April 19-22 (updated)

It is once again time for us to perform a live test of our High Availability backup system. Our team regularly performs what we call virtual role-swap exercises, where we use a simulator to perform routine tests of the process, but now it’s time for our next live Production rollover. We will be rolling to… Read more »

Mar 24, 2009

Lender*VP Tune-Up Web Conference March 27

You might have just received an email from our Lender*VP team, about our new “Lender*VP Tune-Up” Service. To explain this further, we’ll be holding a FREE web conference next Friday. We hope you can join us! Here are the details… What: Lender*VP Tune-Up: What’s it all about? And how will it help my credit union?… Read more »

Mar 18, 2009

“Leadership Resilience” CEO/Board Chair Conference Postponed

The CEO/Board Chair “Leadership Resilience” conference that was originally scheduled for Thursday, March 26, has been postponed. (Read the original inviation.) This decision was made after soliciting opinions from clients, and the overwhelming response was a preference to move the event to a later date to better fit with current credit union priorities. As announced… Read more »

Mar 13, 2009

CU*BASE 8.6 Release Training Now Available!

As noted in the release summary you received on February 18, we’re trying something a little different with the CU*BASE 8.6 release that is coming (March 16 for online CUs, April 6-7 for self processors). To make it easier on your schedules (and your budgets!), we have recorded a release overview showing highlights of the… Read more »

Mar 6, 2009

New Red Flag Tool Now Available

Attention CU*Answers Online Credit Unions: One of the Red Flags mentioned in the FACT Act requires that credit unions monitor large amounts of member data being downloaded from the credit union’s data processing system. For a number of years, CU*Answers has been using a special software application on our Production i5 (iSeries) to control who… Read more »

Mar 6, 2009

Defense DB: Database Encryption for In-House CUs

ATTENTION SELF PROCESSORS:  We are pleased to introduce Defense DB – a new member information security solution for card data encryption and an eventual PCI standards mandate.  In June of 2008, we introduced new functionality for our online credit unions as an important first step in the evolution toward encryption of credit card PANs in… Read more »

Mar 4, 2009

Important Encryption News

WESCO Net is proud to announce the general availability of EncryptionPAK for all CU*Answers clients. EncryptionPAK provides AES-256 encryption for your credit union’s primary connection to CU*Answers, increasing the already high level of security of your member’s data.  If you have an Internet connection with a static IP, EncryptionPAK will also provide a secure backup… Read more »

Mar 4, 2009

New Resource for Compliance: Audit Link Advisor

Audit Link is pleased to present a new website: The Advisor. The Advisor is designed for the community of auditors and compliance officers among CU*BASE credit union clients.  With this site we’ll be able to disseminate things we are learning in day-to-day discussions between CU*Answers Compliance Specialists and credit union professionals.  Current features include a… Read more »

Mar 4, 2009