4.15W Member Service Trackers, Leads, and Follow-ups

Marketing / Sales


In this course, you will gain practical knowledge you can use every day to communicate with members and retain key points from your conversation in order to assist fellow staff members in their interactions with the member.

Tracker records are created and stored for each member and can be viewed by any employee with access to Account Inquiry. They document important account and member events safely within CU*BASE. If an event or task needs attention by another employee, you can
assign your Tracker to that employee.

Using Tracker records, any employee can assist a member because past conversations and agreements with the member are right at their fingertips. Regardless of their delivery method, be it in person, by phone, or via online banking, Trackers help members will feel valued and well served.

Note: CU*BASE marketing programs can be utilized separately or strategically combined to meet your credit unions marketing and communication needs. Be sure to register for the following courses to take advantage of what CU*BASE can do for you:

  • 4.10: Introduction to CU*BASE Marketing & Sales Tools
  • 4.12: Member Connect: Building a Communication Network within CU*BASE
  • 4.13: Cross Sales & Sales Trackers: Offering Relevant Opportunities to Your Members


This class is designed for marketers, management and all operations staff that has contact with members.


By the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Explored the structure of the Tracker system, including configurations
  • Reviewed best practices for documenting Tracker entries
  • Discussed how to use Sales and Service Trackers for assigning internal follow-ups
  • Explored how to use Sales Tracker tools to maximize the member service experience
  • Briefly discussed the difference between cross sales need groups and tasks within the Sales Tracker structure


  • Understanding the variety of uses for and benefits of Trackers
  • Configuring Tracker types and memo codes
  • Configuring cross sales need groups and tasks
  • Generating mass Trackers
  • Working Trackers from Account Inquiry
  • Working Trackers from a follow-up
  • Scheduling a follow-up
  • Activity tracking and supervisory reports