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Our BIG Idea for 2013-2014: How FEP/ING may affect recipes in the Kitchen

FEP/INGThis is a year of some major foundation projects, including the big one we're calling FEP/ING. Other than finishing up work already in the queue and taking care of routine and urgent repairs, we are gearing up to focus our resources on this work. That means putting a hold on most new development for a while.

That doesn't mean there won't be anything cooking in the Kitchen. While some of the recipes here will be put on the back burner (or stored in the freezer) for a while, we will still use this space to discuss design ideas we're thinking about for the future. And of course we'll keep you updated on our progress on the FEP/ING project here as well.

We hope you'll still poke your head in our Kitchen once in a while and see what's cooking!

CU*Answers KitchenWe're always cooking up new ideas here in the CU*Answers Kitchen and we'd like to share some of our current recipes with you. These are some of the large topic projects that are currently in varying phases of development. These 'recipes' are not designed to show you the nitty-gritty specifics but rather showcase the general ingredients involved and the 'chef' who is your point person if you do want more information.

Click through and check out what's cooking now and check back later to see how the menu changes.

Please note: All targeted implementation dates shown on these pages are subject to change without notice. For the most recent list of projects in the pipeline (updated every week), visit our Release Planning page.

Bon Appétit!

Recipe Last Updated
5300 Call Report Tools for CU*BASE06/11/2014
Accounting Top Ten PrioritiesSee Other Site
Active Beta Study GroupSee Other Site
Audit Link Projects: Vilker's Dirty DozenSee Other Site
Automated Account/Membership Opening Tools07/16/2014
Automated CTR Filing04/03/2014
Automated Transfers Enhancements (OTB & A2A)02/13/2013
Budget Rewrite: Planning for Rollout09/18/2014
CFS Integration09/09/2013
CU*BASE on Microsoft Windows 811/20/2013
FEPING: Foundation Projects for Our Sustainable Future08/07/2014
Imaging Solutions: Projects in the Works09/19/2014
Lender*VP Top 10See Other Site
Mobile Products on the Horizon08/13/2013
Mortgage Periodic Statements09/16/2014
Requiring Usernames for It’s Me 24708/07/2014
Showing Credit Scores to Members07/25/2014
Written Off Loan Tools08/12/2013

Don’t see something you’ve been wanting? Perhaps your project idea is something unique to your credit union, and you are willing to pay for the custom work needed to get it up and running. Check out the
Initiating a Special Project Request page for more details; we’d love to work with you on your special recipe!


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