6. Improvements to ACH Exceptions and Returns Processing

Status = In specifications phase 

The following projects went to production in 2017:

42618 = Add sortable columns to the ACH Exceptions screen and fix cursor positioning

42783 = Allow for ACH exception items to be posted to a negative balance

Other ideas submitted by Deanna Dahling at Day Air:

  • Give return reason codes in the exception file. I think every item that exceptions out should automatically be given a return code. If the system does not recognize the account number than the return code would be R03. I also think that the system needs to have something built in to capture DOD and exception out as an R14/R15 if credits are hitting the account. It would be nice to have a drop down box on the exception screen that would give the return code and description. For ex. R01 – Insufficient funds.
  • Have the member’s account reflect more information from the ACH file. Specifically when an ACH is coming into the account for benefit of another person, we would like to see reference to the benefit person in the history instead of having to find it in the ACH reports.
  • Add our members account number to the return origination file (PACHD2) for A2A and PPD/Tel transactions. Currently the report only reflects the other FI information
  • Last but not least allow us to create and return our files. It drives me nuts that you charge us .80/return item when you are processing it the same way for 1 item or 50 items.

One Response to “6. Improvements to ACH Exceptions and Returns Processing”

  1. Cheryl Smith

    Allow us to post by the true effective date. Your ACH Post Work File Extraction menu item has a box to enter the posting date. It specifically says “Effective date of ACH posting”, but that is not true. This date is actually the settlement date. We would like to be able to post by the real effective date. We have Employers Trust and many pensions that come in to post with an effective date on the 1st. A few times a year the first lands on a Saturday. As a courtesy to our members, we post those deposits on Friday afternoon. We are aware we could just post by the settlement date of the 3rd, but we don’t want to do that since Social Security posts on the 3rd and we don’t want that posted early. So right now we have to post by company ID. We have over 50 companies IDs that we have to find manually in the ACH file and then post each one separately with a separate set of reports. It is very labor intensive. If we could get this changed, there are many instances where it would come in handy.


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