4. Subsidiary Enhancements

Status = In specifications phase
This includes:

  • Add a new subsidiary type for Accrued Income
  • Combine the Create and Maintain menu options
  • Consolidate monthly processing so that fixed assets, prepaid expenses and accrued expenses can be processed at the same time and one TB Detail Report can be run for all
  • Ability to post prepaid items by branch
  • Display history in descending order

4 Responses to “4. Subsidiary Enhancements”

  1. Glenn Kretchmer

    I would like to see a net book value total at the end of the short trial balance for prepaid expenses. this would aid in reconciling the subsidiary to the general ledger balances.

  2. Tracy Sanders

    1. Consolidate the processing for all types of subsidiaries would save time.
    2. Make the search function in maintain more robust. This screen shows a very small search window and we have a lot of items, so it can take a long time to page through.

  3. Sharon Russell

    It would be great to have a feature to search by partial description in the search open items in the subsidiary item maintenance menu. Currently you have to input the exact description to search an item. Over the years different employees have input descriptions with different formats, for example if I want to find a fixed asset item like a microwave, I can’t simply search by ‘microwave’. It currently requires me to enter the exact first word of the description ( i.e. ‘General Electric 1400 watt microwave’ would need to be searched by the word “General”). Over the years different employees have input descriptions with different formats, and with a lengthy list of fixed assets, it’s a timely process to find an item for purposes of updating or removal from FA.

  4. Sharon Russell

    Idea Topic: improvement to subsidiary transaction history maintenance

    Idea: add an option to also update the description of the transaction

    Why You Need It: Today, for example, I updated a prepaid subsidiary item, but forgot to add a description to the adjustment. When I go into the history and select the transaction for edit, there is no place to update the transaction description

    What would be on this screen?: Just as there are spaces to change/update adjustment amount, monthly expense amount, etc., there would be a space to update the transaction description.


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