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CU*Answers at its core is a cooperative organization. We are constantly pushing what it means to be a transparent CUSO. This year we have decided our next step is to get you engaged, we want to hear your voice, the Owner’s Voice.

Walking the Cooperative Talk

Owner’s Voice

For engaged member-owners of the cooperative.

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CU*BASE projects that fall into our six Owner’s Voice categories are up for discussion. Let CU*Answers know why certain projects should be started, finished, or forgotten.

After spending time discussing projects, let us know which ones you think should be started, finished, or forgotten. Missed this month? No worries! Voting happens every month!

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Owner’s View

For the project managers and release managers.

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Owner’s View presents the ability to search and filter your credit union’s projects, track them through the process from start to finish, and even leave notes for fellow credit union employees or reminders for yourself on where a project currently stands.

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July 10, 2019