Real Estate Solutions

Lender*VP Real Estate offers the tools to better serve your members and also provides you an experienced business partner that can support you regardless of your credit union size or level of real estate experience.

We provide two distinct solutions to assist your mortgage lending department:

  1. Mortgage Origination: the Loan Fulfillment Center
  2. Mortgage Servicing, powered by Xtend

Mortgage Cadence’s Loan Fulfillment Center

“We chose Mortgage Cadence and their LFC tool set as it represented a complete solution for all of our credit unions.”

~Geoff Johnson
COO, CU*Answers

Lender*VP presents a powerful cloud-based mortgage origination tool that is ready to handle the demands of your staff and exceed your members expectations 24×7, 365 days a year!

Lender*VP has partnered with Accenture Mortgage Cadence to offer you the Loan Fulfillment Center, the premier cloud-based mortgage tool in the industry, to bring you a full suite of real estate solutions.

The Loan Fulfillment Center was created for credit unions to ensure that more members become homeowners using credit union financing. Technology alone cannot do that, solutions can.

Cloud-based, and more than a streamlined internet application, the Loan Fulfillment Center is designed for use by everyone who originates mortgage loans for your credit union, including:

  • Members who self-originate
  • Loan officers
  • Member service representatives
  • Branch offices
  • Call centers

What Makes This Technology Stand Apart?

“It is refreshing to finally have a mortgage LOS that can take an application from the web, process the loan to closing and load on the servicing platform without the need to re-key any data…

The robust nature of the software has allowed us to increase and expand the volume and sophistication of our mortgage business without increasing our processing staff”

~Andy Tarbox
VP of Lending & Information Systems
Pathways Credit Union

Cross-channel Design
Simple enough for members to originate their own loans. Powerful enough for loan officers to use as a consultative sales tool. By using this mortgage technology in all delivery channels you can create a consistent member experience while improving operational efficiencies.
Real-time Member Status
Members want to know what’s happening with their mortgage loan. It’s all accessible through the member’s secure personal status page that provides real-time status of the loan from initial application and electronic disclosures through loan closing.
Approve two loans at once. We can even help with home equities.
This is a fully integrated mortgage solution. Once on the Loan Fulfillment Center Mortgage Solution, your members and staff stay in the platform. Members use the site as a finance and real estate reference tool, a loan consultant, a rate tracker and to check their loan’s status. Your credit union uses the technology to set parameters for loans, build electronic files and keep your members informed. This solution is the first, in fact, to offer service-ordering and to integrate real estate services to help build your credit union’s purchase-money mortgage strategy.
Loan Officer Workbench
This platform lets your mortgage department create completely electronic files. All the loan documents required to close a loan are retained electronically and returned to the file. No more paper, no more paper chase.
The “Path” to Closing and Post Closing
Throw away your paper check lists. The Loan Fulfillment Center becomes the electronic checklist for Loan Officer and Processor tasks and processes needed to get a loan to closing. Staff assignment and task status is tracked visually and electronically. A click of a mouse and the loan is now on the way down the path to closing.

How Are the Sites Priced?

Don’t Delay… Start Today!

We look forward to working with you on this project. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us Rob Meijer, ext 190, or contact us by email.

The pricing structure is similar in many aspects to that of CU*Answers. Monthly costs are set per Closed loan, and apply only when
business is coming into the credit union for a completed application. There is no monthly charge for the Mortgage Cadence site, or per user. Certain minimum transactions may apply.

Real Estate Solutions

Mortgage Servicing

Lender*RE, in collaboration with the Xtend Mortgage Servicing Team, can relieve your credit union’s lending staff of ongoing duties related to the servicing of your mortgage portfolio.

For a small charge per loan per month, we will take over your escrow processing and investor reporting, with seamless integration into CU*BASE. Pricing is available both for Full Time or Stand-in contracts.

Escrow Administration

  • Pay Escrow Bills: Property Taxes, Homeowners Insurance, and Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Run Annual Escrow Analysis (this is also available as a stand-alone service)
  • Reporting on bills becoming due, and monitoring of excessive amount variances

Investor Reporting

  • Daily or monthly remittance
  • Monthly reporting preparation
  • Balancing and Reconciliation

We look forward to working with you on raising the mortgage bar for the benefit of your members and your credit union!

Your Servicing Partner

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