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CU*Answers provides multiple resources for building, and streamlining your indirect lending initiatives. With our own end to end indirect platform, Retailer Direct, and integrations with a growing list of third party indirect systems, you can ensure that your CU is in the game wherever deals are made.

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Did you know CU*Answers has our own end-to-end indirect lending platform?

Retailer Direct is the CU*Answers indirect lending solution for getting businesses and credit unions on the same team. A Retailer Direct portal provides your business partners a web based portal to exchange loan applications and decisions directly with your CU.

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Integrating Partners

The CU*Answers Software Integrations team hosts a high performance micro service based API framework that is used to communicate between all of our third party integrated partners, and the CU*BASE core processing system.

To accommodate this, we offer two different solutions:
CUA Integrations API:

    • The Integrations API is a predefined communication standard created by CU*Answers. This API follows industry standard protocols that allow vendors to connect to CU*BASE and perform certain functions, such as submitting a loan application, getting a loan decision, and other functions that continue to evolve. Writing to the CUA API lowers the barrier of entry for vendors, as it’s an established communication standard and as such, reduces the amount of custom development required by the CU*Answers team.


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    • Built on the same framework as the API, UCI is intended to satisfy those situations where third party vendors are unable or unwilling to develop to our standard offering. The CU*Answers team will build modules onto the UCI platform, that are developed to adhere to the external vendor’s communication format. This is more development intensive on the CU*Answers side, and requires a custom quote to proceed.


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Two Way Communication with Dealers

The Counteroffer Exchange project is intended to enhance and extend the ability for lenders to communicate with dealers through our indirect channels such as DealerTrack and Route One. The integrations system will now support comments being posted to and from the dealer’s management system during indirect lending operations and stored in CU*BASE.

Counteroffer Exchange

July 19, 2019

Here comes the next Collections Roundtable!

Here comes the next Collections Roundtable!

Pull Up a Chair, the Roundtable is Waiting! Join us for the FREE Collections Roundtable, an open forum discussion on collections laws, internal procedures, and CU*BASE processes.  Join us for the first session of the 2020 Collections Roundtable Series – for whichever session you’d like, or both! Tuesday, February 11 Morning Session: 9:30 AM – 12:00… Read more »

Feb 4, 2020