The Lender*VP Forms team is comprised of experts who strive to bridge the gap between our clients and forms providers with effective, efficient and quality service. Our experts will consult, provide and recommend options to effectively customize your loan forms.

Products and Services Offered

Individual pricing quotes are available for any service below.

You won’t forget to print a form again for a member by using our bundling option within CU*BASE

Our bundling feature allows you to group up to 14 custom forms into a single feature selection. This slick option prevents the chance of having a document missed or NOT disclosed to your member(s). Pricing per bundle is $75.00.

The ability to capture data from the system to populate custom forms. Allows for less human errors on documents!

Our programming staff will use member data that is available from the software. This saves time, eliminates redundancy and the potential for error.

Consulting- Let’s partner together to make the forms process smooth for all.

We are proud to present upon request a service to analyze your Credit Unions current custom forms and provide recommendations. If you are thinking about switching forms providers we are here to assist with reviewing the samples of the documents with you and putting a plan in place together.

Contact our Lender*VP Forms Department:

Email Lender*VP Forms

Or call us at: 800-327-3478 x578, Nicholas Hawkins for more information regarding pricing and timing.

Need a quote? Submit a document for mapping here!

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We are in this together, let’s make the most of the Credit Unions Member money!

Customized form(s) to fit existing work-flows of creating loans, applications or memberships

You will work with your forms providers to customize hard coded verbiage on the forms that are submitted to the Lender*VP forms department electronically. We then program these forms to become part of the process when creating a new membership, loan or application. Based on the specific needs of the staff we work together to create the interface of printing the documents.

Archiving customized form documents on multiple systems (Online or InHouse Imaging Solutions from CU*Answers or another third party)

Our Imaging Solutions team can assist you with all your imaging solution needs. They can help with everything from capturing signatures on forms electronically in branch, remotely via the Internet, right through to the archival and retention of your documents. They have a variety of solutions to meet your needs or potentially can work with your existing solution provider. You can read about available solutions in our Document Solutions guide. You can contact our Imaging Solutions team directly for a consultation and a discussion about your particular needs.

Logos and Signatures for Corporate Checks, Money Orders, and Starter Checks. Send our team the snazziest logos to create for you!

Our Lender*VP Forms department will take your logo and the additional information requested to create a black and white digital image that will print for your Credit Union. The current pricing is a one-time set up fee for all services completed of $950.00 (this includes auto check reconciliation). Contact our CSR Team today for information regarding auto check reconciliation. For updating an individual logo our cost is $275.00 and a CEO Signature is $225.00. The time frame to complete the changes is up to four weeks.

Enhancements to Custom Loan Forms that are already on the system. If you want to tweak the way the form is displayed in CU*BASE contact us today!

After forms are programmed and available on the system you can ask for customizations added to the current custom GOLD screens or programs for ease of the end user.


Lender*VP Forms Team works with the CU*Answers Conversion Coordinator and dedicated staff member(s) from the Credit Union to review the documents received by the forms provider. We will discuss the way CU*BASE works with the forms integrated into the system. We also will help determine what forms should be required to be within CU*BASE.

CU*BASE System forms that are currently available:

  • Forms Available to all Clients:
    • Generic Denial Notice
    • Application – Standard and Short Form
    • Loan Officer Worksheet
  • Forms Requiring Customization:
    • The Price You Pay For Credit- Consumer and Real Estate Forms
      We are now offering our Risk Based Pricing notices for all clients – Sample Reg V Form
      Regardless if a credit report was requested, you can print the correct form with a single option. Visit our Lender*VP Forms Brochure today for additional information and authorization needed. Check out our brochure for pricing.
  • Mortgage Documents
    *Available by Forms Provider per your Credit Union Mortgage Portfolio.
September 12, 2017

Here comes the next Collections Roundtable!

Here comes the next Collections Roundtable!

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