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The Client Services and Education Team specializes in a number of areas. From the client perspective, we are the frontline for software questions, education and to some extent light consulting. It starts with daily phone and AnswerBook Support and continues with conversion training and support as well as the completion of many special projects throughout each month. In addition we add value for our internal teams through daily support and special project requests. We consider our partners part of our team as well, supporting them and their clients as we would our internal teams. The client service experience that we give is very important to our team and our organization, so we set and monitor our standards for client interactions and training.

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The mission of the Client Services and Education Team is to give the assistance and training our clients and staff need to be successful. Our major area of focus is providing day-to-day support and development of our staff and clients through education.

Your success is our success.

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May 26, 2021

Need to Clean Up Your AnswerBook Contacts?

Need to Clean Up Your AnswerBook Contacts?

The Client Services & Education team has begun their yearly review of AnswerBook profiles.  Has your credit union recently reviewed your current users in AnswerBook?  Has your credit union ensured all contact information is up-to-date?  To obtain a list of your current users in AnswerBook, click below and submit a request to our CSR team… Read more »

Dec 14, 2020

Video Now Available: 2020 Year-End Processing Review

Video Now Available: 2020 Year-End Processing Review

A video recording of the 2020 Year-End Processing review is now available!  In it, we discuss what’s new for 2020 as well as important reminders and deadlines for this year’s tasks.  If you missed this year’s Year-End Processing review webinars, or if your staff would like additional opportunity to review the 2020 presentation, click below… Read more »

Dec 8, 2020

Big numbers for Education Events and Coordination

West-Michigan based cooperative CUSO CU*Answers recently announced that from January through September 2020, 311 courses were coordinated and taught by the Client Services and Education Team.  Lani Lowing, Education Team Lead added that 170 courses were coordinated for various teams within the organization—a total of 479 classes with 5,123 attendees. These events consist of CU*Answers […]

Dec 4, 2020

CU*BASE Favorites from Client Services and Education: Smart Operator – Daily Ops Log

CU*BASE Favorites from Client Services and Education: Smart Operator – Daily Ops Log

View a record of electronic activity that is posted to your member accounts on a day-to-day basis, including share drafts, ACH, ATM/Debit card transactions and settlements, and corporate drafts.  Smart Operator: Daily Ops Log can be used to verify that this critical activity is being handled as expected every day! For more information on CU*BASE… Read more »

Nov 17, 2020

CU*Answers Client Services and Education helps YS Federal Credit Union switch statement vendors

As a service to CU*BASE processed credit unions, CU*Answers maintains a contractual relationship with Sage Direct for providing laser statement print and mailing services. Currently the costs that are passed through to clients represent a direct pass-through fee, while several other fees, including processing and paper costs are absorbed by the cooperative CUSO. As of […]

Oct 23, 2020