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This website is designed to assist credit unions in completing their Internet Banking risk assessment as required by the “Guidance on Authentication in Internet Banking Environment” (NCUA letter 05-CU-18). You’ll find technical information and business considerations related to It’s Me 247 Online Banking and other internet based services. This page also includes links to additional resources that can help you in your own risk assessment process.

We hope you will find what you need here – please let us know if you have anything you’d like to contribute to make the site more helpful for you and your partners!


CU*Answers receives a large number of cybersecurity due diligence requests from our clients. Although we have a vast library of resources, accessing all of this information – especially if there is an examiner in the room – can be challenging for credit union staff. With the need to revise or publish a significant amount of cybersecurity due diligence information, CU*Answers is publishing SecuriKey, Your Key to Cybersecurity.

Each SecuriKey document will have the following features:

  • Quick Reference Guide (intended to be something a client can provide to examiners)
  • Summary of Features of the Service
  • Detailed Risk Assessment Tools
  • Ways for the credit union to engage with our teams (e.g. MOP has information for AuditLink for credit unions concerned with the Patriot Act)

CU*Answers is interested in any feedback your teams may have. In addition, CU*Answers is interested in any other internet-based software or services our clients would want us to add to the SecuriKey library.

SecuriKey Documents

Online and Mobile Banking

MOP – Membership Opening Process

MACO – Multi-Authentication Convenience Options

SecuriKey Forms

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Don’t Forget to Update Your BizLink 247 URL by June 11th!

Don’t Forget to Update Your BizLink 247 URL by June 11th!

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Mar 17, 2021