Vertical Receipts

This project creates a new style of receipt output for teller and other receipts produced by CU*BASE, using a vertical format instead of the traditional horizontal layout. Created as a product of the Xpress Teller initiative, vertical receipts are also available independently for our standard teller posting tool as well. In fact, as described below, if your credit union chooses to make the switch to vertical receipts, the new format will be used for any receipt produced by any channel in CU*BASE, from all your receipt printers across all your branches.

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Read the announcement sent February 9

See a sample printed on a thermal printer via the new software

FAQs about vertical receipts

Cool features we like:

  • Using a new option in your Workflow Controls, you can include an account balance summary at the bottom of every printed receipt, listing your choice of current balance and/or available balance for all accounts, or only accounts affected during that transaction.
  • Each receipt will show both the primary member’s name and the name of the person served, if other than the primary member.
  • Friendly labels will be added to explain miscellaneous information such as the receipt ID, branch number, and teller ID.
  • When a hold is placed on a check deposit, the receipt will show the date the funds will be available.

Making the Switch to Vertical Receipts

You can get on the schedule now by visiting the store.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Vertical receipts are used by Xpress Teller, but you do not have to use Xpress Teller to get vertical receipts
  • It’s all or nothing: 
    • ALL your employees, ALL your branches, ALL your receipt printers
    • Affects receipts from T1 & T2 teller systems and all other places that produce receipts
  • This is a PROJECT…for you, and for us!
    • Can’t just flip a switch, must be coordinated
    • Requires after-hours config work by our team and yours
    • Someone at your team will need to be available at your office to help test
  • For your IT team to do NOW:
  • Starting in March:
    • Visit our store and search for “vertical receipts”
    • We’ll start making calls during April and you’ll be given a date on our conversion calendar
  • Your conversion:
    • Will be scheduled after hours or on a weekend
    • Someone from your team will need to be at your site to help
February 15, 2022

8 Responses to “Vertical Receipts”

  1. Explorers Credit Union Tim Wechsler

    On the vertical receipt project, we currently have mostly Epson TM-T88IV printers. Will they need to be swapped out for something different? Above mentions upgrade from Carswell printers of which we have zero.

    • Dawn Moore

      Nope! Those printers will work just fine with vertical receipts. Thanks for asking!

  2. Kimberly Youngblood

    On vertical receipt, if serving a joint owner, and we have configured to print account summary at bottom of receipt, will it only include accounts that the joint owner is listed on or will it print all accounts?

    • Dawn Moore

      If your controls specify to print balances only for accounts affected during the transaction, then theoretically it would only print those accounts the joint owner is authorized on, since those would be the only ones they could post to. (Your controls can also be set up to show all accounts, regardless of what’s on the transactions, in which case all would appear.)

    • Dawn Moore

      If you’re referring to the two checkboxes that appear on the main posting screen for standard Teller Line Posting (Tool #1), the answer is yes.  Even after switching to vertical receipts you’ll be able to choose, on a case-by-case basis, whether you wish to include balances or not on the receipt (as well as whether you want to produce a receipt at all).  If you check the “Suppress balances” option the Account Summary section at the bottom of the receipt will be completely omitted.

      NOTE: In the first release of the Xpress Teller (Tool #1600), there is no equivalent way to suppress balances on receipts (horizontal or vertical). Our plan is to do this in a very different way via this teller platform, using a new set of options in your Xpress Teller Workflow controls as well as a new pop-up selection window when posting your transaction. This functionality will be added as part of future enhancements planned for the Xpress Teller tool.

  3. Dawn Moore

    A couple of credit unions have reached out asking about reinstating a couple of the receipt formats that were sunset with the 21.05 release. To review, these types were sunset just for vertical (available in horizontal only): Certificate creation, Stop payment orders, On-demand dividend payments (CDs), On-demand dividend payments (savings), and Direct/mail batch deposit. And these types are no longer available in either format: Redeem share certificates, Miscellaneous expense/receipts, and Transaction reversals.

    We are confident there is no specific regulatory rule about producing these types of receipts, but we also know that CUs and their auditors have gotten used to them and in some cases members are asking for them still. So we will be meeting internally on August 11 to discuss if any of these should be reinstated, whether only in the horizontal format or for both. Note that the vertical format does not lend itself well to some of these receipt types, so that will require some design work should we elect to bring them back.

  4. Dawn Moore

    During our meeting it was decided that we would create a project to reinstate two of the receipt types that were sunset (both for horizontal and vertical formats), including Misc. Expenses/Receipts (via Teller/Xpress Teller and Phone Op) and Transaction Reversals. These particular types were mentioned by several credit unions as being frequently used. Other types that were sunset are either types that were not being used, or types where the format and information on the receipt does not lend itself to being displayed in the new vertical format.


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