Designing Teller Platforms for Our Future (Teller 3P)

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Designing Teller Platforms for Our Future (Teller 3P)

Task Force Event | May 29 & 30
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A CEO Strategic Boot Camp Initiative

November 2018: During the CEO Strategic Developers Boot Camp in November 2018, CEOs brainstormed on the future of teller platforms from a big-picture, strategic point of view.  We want to work with CU leaders who are interested in designing new teller tools and transactions for the future. A teller system with a single Swiss-army-knife or kitchen-sink approach will not fit enough credit union tactical units any longer. Now is the time to design a new approach to take to the future.

Open the slides from the 2018 CEO Boot Camp session (PDF)

Open the assignments due December 14 (DOCX)

Open the other handouts and homework

Congrats to the Winners of the Bounty Project

We appreciate all of the creative people who participated in the Teller 3P Bounty contest.  The rules required at least five entries per area (T1, T2, and T3) in order for contest winnings to be awarded.  On April 8th we announced that we had received a total of 17 entries, and all $30,000 in prize money was awarded.  Congratulations to our winners (in alphabetical order):

Grand Prize Winners ($7,500 each)

  • Allegan Credit Union
  • Pinnacle Credit Union
  • RVA Financial 

Honorable Mention Winners ($2,500 each)

  • Honor Credit Union
  • Horizon Utah Federal Credit Union
  • Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

Since then the team has been taking a deep dive into all of the ideas we received, and we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned and what we’re working on at the Task Force event in May.

Conversations with Subject-matter Experts

Teller 3P Project Webinars were held on Thursday February 14, to update interested credit union teams on what we’ve been doing since the project was introduced to CEOs at the November CEO Strategic Developers Boot Camp event, and what our future plans are for the project.  Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Open the presentation from the T3 (Floating/API Integrations) Status Update Webinar
Watch the recording of the Feb. 14th T3 (Floating/API Integrations) Status Update Webinar

Open the presentation from the T2 (KISS) Status Update Webinar
Watch the recording of the Feb. 14th T2 (KISS) Status Update Webinar

Update as of April 26, 2019

During April our developer teams worked on technical prototypes for some of the key features introduced in November and during the February status webinars.  Here’s the latest news on key projects already underway:

  • Prototype development for the new combined Search engine is well underway and we are excited about the possibilities of this powerful and easy-to-use new search mechanism – a single input field where you can enter any data about the member and look for that data across dozens of key data points, including many new ones like driver’s license number, phone number, and email address (maybe even online banking username!).
  • Design specifications are well underway for new workflow controls for Express Teller that will give credit unions unprecedented control over the available features and how the tool works for your tellers.  These specs will be a moving target as we continue to work on the overall screen flow for the Express Teller posting process, but we’re getting started now with the core pieces we know you’ll like.
  • Teams are also working on a new engine and online resource to allow CUs to upload CU marketing images for display on the Teller Express search screen. Intended so that CUs can actively promote their corporate goals and promotions to tellers, this engine will also be used for other things in the future to allow eye-catching reminders and instructions to be relayed to your teams via CU*BASE GOLD.
  • Speaking of displaying things on CU*BASE screens, development is moving quickly for new APIs that will allow us to display member photo IDs directly on the ID verification screen in Express Teller, as shown in the early prototypes.  The intention is to allow us to display other documents from your archive, too, where possible.  We’d love to hear your ideas for where you would like to see a section of a CU*BASE screen display a document from CU*Spy, and how you would imagine that feature to look and work.
  • We did encounter a setback when it comes to the ability to offer different screen sizes via a new preferences feature.  It turns out that the software on which the GOLD user interface is built is not yet able to support dynamic shifting back and forth between the standard, large, and extra-large screen sizes as we had first hoped.  However, now we’re looking at making Express Teller an independent UI unit behind the scenes so that we can offer the entire Express Teller application via the larger-sized screen format.  Stay tuned as we continue to experiment with prototypes and different technical solutions.

Join the Boot Camp Task Force

Join this Boot Camp Task Force and help us envision three distinct teller approaches: the traditional soup-to-nuts platform used today, a modern keep-it-simple design, and an app that would let tellers roam the lobby with a tablet.

  • Date: Wednesday & Thursday, May 29 & 30, 2019
  • Where: CU*Answers, 6000 28th Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49546


This Boot Camp Task Force will merge the tactical players at credit unions into a unit to solve today’s questions surrounding branch management, tellers, budgets, and more. In addition to recruiting your subject-matter experts, we’re looking for credit unions who are willing to engage the Teller Design, Earnings Edge, and Imaging Solutions teams and have a strong desire to move the ball forward!

  • A deeper dive on the topics and ideas from the CEO Boot Camp event
  • For project managers and people who are capable of rallying their CU to activate new solutions
  • Hoping to get 25 CU teams to join the task force

Day 1 (Wednesday)

  • 3-5pm   Defining the Task Force
  • 5-6pm   Networking cocktail hour

Day 2 (Thursday)

  • 9-4pm   Envisioning and Building Teller Platforms for our Future

Register Below: Designing Teller Platforms for Our Future

Registration for the Boot Camp Task Force has been closed.

Client is responsible for travel and accommodations.

After the task force event we’ll make go/no-go decisions: move forward dramatically or stay the path of evolution, start completing more formal design specifications for what’s next, and engage developers for pilot projects.  If you’re looking for a concrete projects with completion dates, we might not be ready with that until 2020.  In the meantime we’re moving forward with the confidence that we’ll make timely, contingent decisions when needed.

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April 26, 2019

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