Designing Teller Platforms for Our Future (Teller 3P)

A CEO Strategic Boot Camp Initiative

Starting in November, 2018, CU*Answers launched a major initiative to rethink the future of teller platforms from a big-picture, strategic point of view.  A teller system with a single Swiss-army-knife or kitchen-sink approach will not fit enough credit union tactical units any longer, so we’re working with CU leaders to design new teller tools and transactions that will take us into the future.

Express Teller Update

On March 6, 2020, we held our first project review of the new Express Teller. While there is still much work to be done, we got our first look at the host screens from project #51950 T2 Screens & Posting, including the new search engine, ID verification, funds in, and deposits/withdrawals, and were able to post some transactions. We also previewed the new Express Teller Workflow Controls project (#51949) which is currently in QC testing. Segments still in development within the Screens & Posting project include the brand-new combined checks/money orders feature, the new misc. receipts module, and a new receipt options window that will eventually tie into the separate Vertical Receipts project (#51951). (View a flowchart of the new Express Teller posting workflow)

We’re also excited to announce that we will be adding the new Express Teller search engine to Member Inquiry.  This will let you get a taste for how it will work and help us start testing the engine in the field in advance of incorporating it in with teller functions.  Currently targeting the 20.11 release; watch for more news on the Release Planning page.

Project #s to track via Owner’s View:

  • #51946  T2 Project 1 – Search Module
  • #51947  T2 Project 2 – Graphics on Home Screen
  • #51948  T2 Project 3 – API for Photo ID Display
  • #51949  T2 Project 4 – Workflow Controls
  • #51950  T2 Project 5 – Screens & Posting
  • #51951  T2 Project 6 – Vertical eReceipts
  • #52703 Change the receipt output for bulk cash transfers to a report
  • NEW:#53940  Adding the Express Teller Search Engine to Member Inquiry

Some details about the projects:

  • We are excited about the possibilities of the powerful and easy-to-use new search engine. This search gives you a single input field where you can enter any data about the member and look for that data across dozens of key data points, including many new ones like driver’s license number, phone number, email address…even online banking username! NEW: Proj #53940 will add this engine to Member Inquiry, even before Express Teller is released (targeted for 20.11).
  • New workflow controls for Express Teller will give credit unions unprecedented control over the available features and how the tool works for your tellers.  (View a flowchart showing the types of controls we’re planning to include.)
  • A new engine and online resource will allow CUs to upload CU marketing images for display on the Teller Express search screen. Intended so that CUs can actively promote their corporate goals and promotions to tellers, this engine will also be used for other things in the future to allow eye-catching reminders and instructions to be relayed to your teams via CU*BASE GOLD.
  • Speaking of displaying things on CU*BASE screens, development continues on new APIs that will allow us to display member photo IDs directly on the ID verification screen in Express Teller, as shown in the early prototypes.  The intention is to allow us to display other documents from your archive, too, where possible.  We’d love to hear your ideas for where you would like to see a section of a CU*BASE screen display a document from CU*Spy, and how you would imagine that feature to look and work.
  • In the 20.07 release you’ll see the first examples of larger screen sizes for select CU*BASE screens. Three sizes will ultimately be supported:  Standard (optimized for a screen resolution of 1024×768), Large (optimized for a res. of 1280×1024), and Extra Large (optimized for 1920×1080).  Express Teller will allow you to set a preference to choose any of those three sizes.
  • We’re excited to introduce new vertical format for teller and other receipts.  Development began in the first calendar quarter of 2020. CUs can elect to keep using the old horizontal style or shift all their receipt devices to the new, variable-length vertical format, which will include a new optional account summary segment showing current and available balances on all accounts touched during the transaction. Future phases will incorporate a new “quick view” window that lets the teller see the receipt, capture a signature, and print and/or archive the eReceipt image from the CU*BASE teller posting screen.  NEW!  See a sample of an actual vertical receipt, printed on a thermal printer via the new software!

And coming soon…

  • Design work is nearly done for a second phase enhancement to Express Teller which will allow CUs to define posting limits for individual tellers.  This feature can be used to control the amount of each type of activity (withdrawals, deposits, checks/money orders, etc.) that a teller can post during a single transaction via the new Express Teller posting tool. An integrated override function will allow a teller to ask for a supervisor to enter additional credentials whenever they need to to post transactions that are over the limit.  Status as of June 2020: Review the separate Kitchen page.

View the Boot Camp Update presentation from the November CEO Strategies event

T3 Teller Automation Project Update

We were making great progress on our integration project with Hyosung (see the update from CEO Strategies), but as of March 3, 2020, Hyosung informed us that this project is being put on hold based on other priorities they have in their queue. We continue to remain in contact with this vendor and will post updates on this page when we have more details on when they expect to move our project up in their queue.

Recap of Previous Posts

Bounty Project Winners

  • Grand Prize Winners ($7,500 each): Allegan Credit Union, Pinnacle Credit Union, and RVA Financial 
  • Honorable Mention Winners ($2,500 each): Honor Credit Union, Horizon Utah Federal Credit Union, and Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

Boot Camp Task Force

  • The Teller 3P Task Force met on Thursday, May 29, 2019.  Open the slides from the Task Force brainstorming session.
  • Task Force participants:  Karen Smith, Cumberland County FCU; Jody Perkins, Forest Area FCU; Karla Glowiak, Frankenmuth CU; Erin Olson, kstate CU; Kinsey Turbiville, kstate CU; Amber Cecil, Northern Colorado CU; Alyssa Barber, Notre Dame FCU; Lindsey Borski and Diana McKnight, Peninsula FCU; Amanda Boring, Pinnacle CU; and Nicole Hitchings, TBA CU.

Additional Resources

Open the slides from the 2019 Leadership Conference (PDF)
Open the slides from the May 2019 Task Force brainstorming session.
Open the slides from the 2018 CEO Boot Camp session (PDF)
Open the presentation from the T3 (Floating/API Integrations) Status Update Webinar
Watch the recording of the Feb. 14th T3 (Floating/API Integrations) Status Update Webinar
Open the presentation from the T2 (KISS) Status Update Webinar
Watch the recording of the Feb. 14th T2 (KISS) Status Update Webinar
Open the Project Overview and early mockups
Introduction from 2018 Leadership Conference
CEO Strategic Developers Boot Camp 2018
Boot Camp Task Force/Online & Mobile Tools: Save the Date

June 15, 2020

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