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Implemented in the 21.05 release, Xpress Teller is a new alternate teller processing platform to CU*BASE, designed to streamline and simplify the teller experience, offering an alternative that was built with today’s changing credit union lobbies in mind.

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Implemented in 2022

Several enhancements/new feature were implemented for Xpress Teller in 2022:

  • Implemented in the 22.05 release was an enhancement to Xpress Teller which allows CUs to define posting limits for individual tellers.
  • Also implemented in the 22.05 release was a new feature on the Xpress Teller ID Verification screen to allow you to view recent Tracker conversations for that member.  This is automatically displayed on the extra-large screen size, and available via a button on the large and standard screen sizes.
  • In order to allow tellers to adjust secondary transaction descriptions more easily, implemented in the 22.10 release was a new tool that can be launched right from the main Xpress Teller search screen, allowing the teller to change the secondary transaction description on any transactions posted by that Teller ID during that day. This is similar to Tool #918 Update Trans Desc & IRA/HSA Post Codes except that only that teller’s transactions will be listed, and only secondary transaction descriptions can be modified. This keeps the feature simple to avoid security concerns, and because the tool will automatically display recent transactions, the teller won’t have to remember any account numbers.
  • Implemented in the 22.10 release was an enhancement so that a $0 memo transaction is posted automatically every time a check is cashed via Xpress Teller. A similar memo transaction will also be posted when a member receives cash back from a Misc. Advance (such as a credit card cash advance) via Xpress Teller.
  • As part of the native receipts project (see the related recipe) with the 22.10 release we added some additional features to the Xpress Teller Workflow Controls to control how vertical receipts are generated for Xpress Teller transactions.

Plans for the Future Phases

Several projects are in the works now and we continue to gather ideas for future enhancements.  Here are some projects in the queue:

  • Design work is complete on changes to the new Xpress Teller Checks/Money Orders system which will allow you to print checks and money orders using a printer located at a different branch.  This will support CUs who are setting up new branch strategies for tellerless branches, where a remote NSR handles member requests, sending items to a printer where the member is waiting.  This project also introduces a third CU-defined instrument for things such as cashier’s checks.  Status as of December 2022: Project #57638 is in development and being targeted for the 23.05 release.
  • New settings will be added to Xpress Teller Workflow Controls (Tool #1775) to allow the option to hide the “Cash in Drawer” amount on the initial Xpress Teller Search screen and to also allow buy/sell from supplemental vault or buy/sell from teller drawerStatus as of December 2022: Project #59324 is currently waiting for available programming resources.

Many other ideas are also on our wish list, and we’d love to hear your ideas, so leave a comment below.  (NOTE: If you have comments specifically about the new search engine, please use this Kitchen page instead.)

Your chef for this recipe:  Dawn Moore


December 22, 2022

5 Responses to “T2 Xpress Teller”

  1. christie dompierre

    Did I hear it correctly that staff cannot view or enter trackers while in Xpress Teller? We are heavy users of trackers. e.g. Cross sales, etc.

    • Dawn Moore

      Xpress Teller was specifically designed to be a TELLER system: cash, checks, and working with the member’s money. We designed it on purpose for a different style of teller line, where tellers don’t do MSR and sales duties. It’s not intended to use sales tools like Cross Sales or Next Suggested product; it’s not for MSRs that are selling and opening new accounts. That means it can have a much shorter learning curve, and tellers don’t have to be gurus and know all of the nuances of our more robust standard Teller system. It’s a different cat altogether; it’s not intended to be a replacement to standard teller, but an alternative to it. Xpress Teller is more than just a new tool; it represents a whole new strategy for your front line.

      So to answer your question, no, Xpress Teller doesn’t have a way to edit Trackers. Although a teller can always use the CU*BASE Time-Out window and access Phone Operator or Member Inquiry for any function they don’t see on an Xpress Teller screen.

  2. Meagan Schuette

    Members are making transfers from one member number to a second member number that they have. They receive a receipt for the first account that the withdrawal is from, but are not receiving a receipt for the second account that the money is deposited into. Will the second receipt be available in the future?

    • Dawn Moore

      To clarify, Meagan is referring to a member that has two separate memberships and therefore two separate account numbers. With the standard teller system, it is possible to use the “balance forward” feature and get receipts that show the balances for both of the accounts on both receipts.

      Xpress Teller, on the other hand, has no balance forward mechanism, and at this point there is no plan to add one. So for this scenario the standard teller system is the better tool to use, or the Member Transfers feature (remember that via workflow controls you can activate access to Member Transfers from the Additional Member Service button on the initial Xpress Teller search screen).


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