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As the cost of RDC continues to drop, and as more and more credit unions and members jump on the RDC bandwagon, here’s what CU*Answers has cooking related to remote deposit capture tools and services:

Real-Time RDC Posting Ready for Testing

RDC NRT (Near-Real-Time) Posting is almost here! We’re ready to test, so be ready to get this on your radar.

What is NRT RDC?

  • NRT RDC speeds up the timeframe that your member’s deposits get posted to their accounts. Right now, the deposits have to either wait for you to act if you are hand-approving all items or, if you are using business rules and RDC Posting Services, they will wait for your next scheduled batch posting.

Who can use NRT RDC?

  • Any CU that processes RDC using eDOC as its RDC vendor and is posting through OpsEngine RDC Posting Services.

If we are already batch posting, what’s the advantage to NRT RDC posting?

  • First, you get a break. That’s right, you heard us correctly. CU*Answers will post near real time and charge you less – a flat $25/month, unlimited transactions.
  • It will still be faster than your batch postings. For instance, if you post Monday through Friday, a member who passes all your business rules will post near real time instead of having to wait over the weekend. That makes you the hero.

How quick is ‘near real time’?

  • It’s not instant; but it’s service with a smile. The transaction still has to get moved between the member, eDOC, and CU*Answers, pass through business rules, and so forth – but it will still be faster than the batch schedule.

How do I get it?

  • Meet the requirements above.
  • Watch for the sign-up in the web store to be available in December (Don’t worry, we’ll announce it!).
November 27, 2018

Have you checked out the NCUA’s proposed 5300 Call Report changes?

Have you checked out the NCUA’s proposed 5300 Call Report changes?

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Feb 15, 2018