MTG Mobile App Development Priorities

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Mobile 6.0 is available as of 4/13/22!  Learn about it here.

RDC Enrollments

We have already released the underlying infrastructure in CU*BASE to allow credit unions to manage all member RDC enrollments and un-enrollments, deposit limits, deposit-to account numbers, and related front-end tasks via new CU*BASE tools that integrate into eDOC Innovations RDC processing.  Check out the separate recipe for more details.  The next step is to add the changes to the mobile app and converting CUs to the new method.

The plan is to first deploy Mobile 6.0, then start signing credit unions up to receive a 6.1 update that includes RDC changes. This is being kept separate from the initial Mobile 6.0 rollout because of the need for a data conversion and related coordination.  More details will be coming this summer.

Loan Pay 1.0

Currently in development, this native micro-app will be targeted towards your disengaged (indirect lending) members who want an easy way to make payments. Originally referred to it as “Payments 1.0,” this micro-app is being renamed to reflect its focus on an easy way to make loan payments.

Future phases of this app will include RDC and card payments through Magic-Wrighter Loan Pay Express. Check out an early prototype of the pay-by-card module. Note: This will support Visa and MasterCard debit cards, but for credit cards only MasterCard and Discover will be supported due to a Visa restriction that prohibits loan payments via credit card.

Web Brochures

MTG has developed its own software tools for creating web-ready brochures for marketing MTG products/services. The first example of this web brochure will debut with the materials for Mobile App 6.0.  The plan is to eventually offer this robust, flexible marketing tool to credit unions for use in marketing online products and services. Credit unions will have the option to subscribe for self-service access to create their own web brochures.

PIB 2.0

MTG is taking over future development of our PIB security web application and designs are well underway for creating a brandable mobile app.  Currently Web Technologies (OLB Team) focuses on PIB APIs while MTG works on the prototype and user testing.  This new web application and mobile app will look to significantly improve the member experience by modernizing the UI, better onboarding along with convenience options like mobile access and MACO.

PIB 2.0 Brochure

May 26, 2022

8 Responses to “MTG Mobile App Development Priorities”

  1. Marty Willms

    You mention that Pay Anyone 1.0 will be a Venmo-like micro-app. Will Pay Anyone 1.0 allow transfers to be completed sooner than 24 hours once the recipient accepts the payment? The current Pay Anyone allows for payment transfers within 24 hours currently once accepted.

    • Dawn Moore

      Since Pay Anyone 1.0 is powered by Payveris P2P, it will depend on whether or not Payveris has any plans to move from ACH to the debit card rails. We’ll post whatever we learn when we learn it!

  2. Thomas Domingue

    Have you explored utilizing something like The Clearinghouse’s “RTP” rails ( for Billpay, A2A, and P2P to provide members with real time payments? This solution advertises it is open to integrate with core and mobile providers and allows consumers to use the functionality listed above and experience real time payment movements (it is push only to minimize fraud).

    • Dawn Moore

      I talked to our team and here is a response from our CEO Randy Karnes: “We continue to track along on two fronts: first, the Clearinghouse reaches out to distributors and technical network coordinators like CU*Answers or the COOP. And second, we track CUs looking to hook up with a distributor. At this point the marketplace is interested in learning about options, but the details about active participations and tactical execution still has not fired up as a good investment for CU providers or CU customers. And ‘real time’ is certainly more a fuzzy hope than a real concrete experience. Much like the acceptance curve for RDC, though, it will get there eventually. Bottom line, we are tracking and will continue to.”

  3. Thomas Domingue

    On Mobile 5.0: We are currently testing this and have talked about it with Keegan, and understand that the “jump to” feature is not currently developed or deployed in 5.0 yet. Wouldn’t it be a simple programming process (if there is such a thing!) to set up mobile banking that when I log in using my credentials I see all accounts or loans that my SSN is associated with, rather than having to “jump” to other accounts that I may be joint owner on?

    • Dawn Moore

      The Jump feature is currently in development and should be available for staff testing in early July. To answer your other question, it is definitely not a simple programming change to show accounts by SSN, rather than membership. That would require a different authentication structure, and it not something that’s on our radar anytime soon.

      Update 8/23/2021: We ran into some snags with this development, but are finally getting very close to being able to put the jump feature into Mobile 5.0. We appreciate your patience!

        • Dawn Moore

          Yes, good news! As of Friday, Sept 17, most staff betas apps have been updated and a few credit unions are live with this feature. Kristian Daniel will be reaching out to other credit unions in the next few weeks to get everyone else updated.


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