Mobile App Development Priorities

For the Mobile Technologies Group (MTG)

Mobile 4.0

The sunset of Mobile App 3.0 has been set for July 2020, and all CUs must move to Mobile 4.0 before then.  General release was December 2, 2019, so schedule your upgrade today!

Get Mobile 4.0 in the IRSC store

Micro Apps: Pay Anyone 1.0 & Payments 1.0

MTG developers are working on brandable and configurable mobile “micro-apps” designed to meet specific, targeted needs:

Pay Anyone 1.0:  Riding on the Payveris P2P rails, this native Venmo-like micro-app allows member to easily make P2P payments to any recipient who has text or email.  (Beta-testing began the first week of March, 2020; general release is targeted for April 2020.)

Payments 1.0:  Using the new OLB Transfer API, this native micro app is targeted towards your disengaged (indirect lending) members who want an easy way to make payments.  Planned future phases of this app are RDC payments and Credit Card payments through MagicWrighter Loan Pay Express.  (Beta-testing begins April 2020; general release is targeted for May 2020.)  Open the Payments 1.0 Brochure

RDC 1.0: On the heels of Payments 1.0 the MTG team will be offering a micro-app for remote deposit capture, built on the foundation of the RDC function in our mobile app.  (Still in the design phases but targeting for release during 2020.)

Biz Mobile 1.0

While Web Technologies (OLB Team) finishes up the new mobile web for It’s My Biz 247, MTG is deploying iOS & Android Biz Mobile 1.0 CU staff betas that wrap this new & innovative mobile web solution.  This is our first mobile solution for Biz and future phases will come with Authentication APIs that will allow MTG to integrate MACO and RDC.

Biz Mobile 1.0 Brochure

Mobile App 5.0

Much like Biz Mobile 1.0, MTG is working with CU*Answers Web Technologies (OLB Team) to plan for one of our biggest annual flagship mobile updates.  This vastly improved mobile web redesign will be the first solution strategically designed and developed for MTG’s mobile app solutions creating a seamless user experience between native and mobile web features.  This project includes replacing the existing mobile web core with OLB web modules. Additionally, this update will bring Jump capabilities, first-time-user self enrollment and cosmetic improvements to native features like RDC and card controls. (Beta-testing is targeted for Oct 2020; general release is targeted for Nov-Dec 2020.)  See an early preview from the CEO Strategies event.

PIB 2.0

In 2020-2021, MTG will take over future development of our PIB security web application and, in turn, create a brandable mobile app.  Currently Web Technologies (OLB Team) focuses on PIB APIs while MTG works on the prototype and user testing.  This new web application and mobile app will look to significantly improve the member experience by modernizing the UI, better onboarding along with convenience options like mobile access and MACO.

PIB 2.0 Brochure

CU Publisher Self Service Mobile App Controls

For the past 5 years, MTG has developed a powerful suite of configuration tools under the trademark of CU Publisher.  Currently these tools are being used by the IRSC to configure custom forms, credit union information, features, branding, marketing and member communications across all of your mobile apps and membership opening products.  Starting in 2020 MTG will offer these as self-service products.  Stay tuned for announcements and more information.

MobileManager Brochure

MobileAlerts Brochure

CU Info Brochure

Until then, don’t forget our mobile app solutions were built with a host of configurable options, baked into the design. So if you feel the need to change something up to keep it fresh contact the IRSC and ask about options for tweaking your settings.

March 12, 2020

2 Responses to “Mobile App Development Priorities”

  1. Marty Willms

    You mention that Pay Anyone 1.0 will be a Venmo-like micro-app. Will Pay Anyone 1.0 allow transfers to be completed sooner than 24 hours once the recipient accepts the payment? The current Pay Anyone allows for payment transfers within 24 hours currently once accepted.

    • Dawn Moore

      Since Pay Anyone 1.0 is powered by Payveris P2P, it will depend on whether or not Payveris has any plans to move from ACH to the debit card rails. We’ll post whatever we learn when we learn it!


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