CU Self-Directed Data Floods

This project made it easier than ever for credit union data analysts to pull data from an external source into CU*BASE, both for analysis as well as for manipulating common CU*BASE data elements (commonly referred to as “floods”).

There are two main components (PS#43872):

  1. Creating a new tool that allows a CU to direct their own data routines for common data elements.
  2. Facilitating uploads of common data elements, such as account numbers or email addresses, into generic CU*BASE files.

The second component is a requirement for accomplishing the first part (that is, allowing you to pull in the list of accounts you want to use in your flood), because of the way the IBM i requires data to be uploaded into a file that already exists and is formatted to receive the data.  But it will also facilitate CUs pulling in lists for other purposes, such as Common Bonds or Member Connect functionality, or for use with CU*BASE analysis dashboards.  For example, the Analyze Member Behavior Patterns (a.k.a. “Losing the Love”) dashboard allows a CU to enter a file name in place of using the standard filters to select which accounts will be analyzed.

View the recap from the 2017 Data Investment Symposium

Project status: Included in the 18.07 release

Following is a list showing the first batch of flood types that were included with the 18.07 release.  We already have a list of several other ideas for our next batch. (And yes, UDM (a.k.a. CU-defined custom fields) are on the list!)  Contact Asterisk Intelligence if you have any other suggestions!

  1. Additional Signers Delinquency Level
  2. ANR Limits and Lock Flag (standard)
  3. CD Penalty Code
  4. Due Diligence Flag
  5. ECOA Code
  6. Electronic Hold Group
  7. Freeze Code
  8. Loan Assigned Employee ID(s)
  9. Loan Delinquency Fine Codes
  10. Loan Maturity and Review Dates
  11. Loan Purpose/ Security Codes
  12. Marketing Opt In/Out Flags
  13. Member Branch
  14. New Account Reason Codes
  15. New Member Reason Codes
  16. Photo ID on File Flag
  17. Reg E Opt Out
  18. SEG Code
  19. Statement Mail Group Code
  20. Statement Style
  21. User-defined Code 1, 2
  22. Wrong Email Address flag

For a complete project overview, review the working project specs.

Learn more about data uploads in CU*BASE (excerpt from the 2016 Data Investment Symposium).

In Development Now

  • New flood types for AFT delinquency and payment date controls, and for loan group and update-type variable rate codes.  Status as of 1/11/2019: Project 48105 is slated for the 19.05 release.
  • CU-directed floods for UDM (Unique Data Management) data.  Project 46522 leverages the same flood engine so that CUs can use it to flood data into their own custom fields via the UDM toolsStatus as of 1/11/2019: Project is still in development, no release date slated yet.

The chef for this recipe is Dawn Moore.

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