In-Person Training


For those who prefer a face-to-face learning environment, CU*Answers University offers in-person training that covers a variety of CU*BASE-related topics. In-person training options are detailed below.

 Classroom Training

Held at the CU*Answers University main training site in Grand Rapids, Michigan, classroom training sessions not only educate participants on the CU*BASE software, but also give them an opportunity to discuss best practices with their peers. For a full list of classroom sessions, see the course schedules starting on page 27 and look for the student symbol. Some classroom training sessions have an online equivalent, indicated by the globe symbol. (Note: To maximize personal interaction, classroom sessions allow only for in-person attendees and may be cancelled if fewer than two credit unions register.)

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CU*BASE Custom Certified Trainer Program

As part of this train-the-trainer program, CU*Answers Conversions staff equip credit union trainers with the skills and knowledge needed to train their team members on CU*BASE. Comprised of seven CU*BASE courses, this training program is customized based on the size of the participating credit union. Contact the CU*Answers Client Services & Education team to request a program quote.

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Individualized On-Site Training

There are times when clients need training tailored to meet their credit union’s unique needs, policies, and processes. When this is true, we encourage on-site training based on a time frame that best fits the client’s schedule. While on-site training may incur a fee for instructor travel expenses, the actual time in class comes at no additional charge as it is included in monthly maintenance fees. To schedule on-site training, contact the Client Services & Education team.


Held at the CU*Answers University main training site in Grand Rapids, Michigan, hands-on workshops turn theory into practice. Workshops are the perfect option for credit unions that would like assistance setting up the necessary configurations in CU*BASE to start using a new tool or feature. Contact the Client Services & Education team to request a workshop.

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Courses Offered by Request

In addition to offering the courses listed in the course schedules, some teams also offer courses by request. These courses are listed below. To request one of these courses, contact the CU*Answers Client Services & Education team. With your request, please include the date on which you would like the course scheduled, the number of staff who will be attending the course, and the desired course format (virtual or in-person). We will try our best to accommodate your preferences while honoring existing course commitments.

courses-by-request-1 courses-by-request-2

*These courses can be requested or taken as part of the Network Services IT Boot Camp.

October 19, 2016

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Jan 16, 2017

Introducing Zoom!

We’re Bringing You a Better Webinar Experience With Zoom! The CU*Answers POV (Presence Over Video) initiative is all about improving and increasing video communication between our staff and yours. As part of that effort, we’re switching from WebEx to Zoom for our video-conferencing services. You’re going to love Zoom because it offers: A more user-friendly… Read more »

Oct 3, 2016

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Sep 27, 2016