SE.2018.4 Brainstorming on NCUA's Proposed 5300 Call Report Changes

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This is a brainstorming session to discuss the NCUA's proposed Call Report changes targeted for March 2019.  The NCUA is soliciting comments which are due 4/2/18.  We are looking for feedback regarding the proposed changes for not only commenting to the NCUA but also improving our CU*BASE tool.  All credit unions are invited to attend (regardless whether they use the CU*BASE tool).   

Keegan Daniel, Karen Sorensen, Jim Vilker, Danielle O'Connor and Charlie Rogers will attend from CU*A.


CFO's, Accounting Managers, (really anyone at the CU that works with the 5300 Call Report)


Brainstorm with credit unions about the NCUA's proposed 5300 Call Report changes.  Gather feedback from credit unions.  


NCUA 5300 Call Report

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