Using The CU*Answers MOVEit Secure eMail/HTTPS File Transfer System


CU*Answers utilizes a secure email/HTTPS server to facilitate the exchange of sensitive financial information, such as check images. This private server is available to our clients as an easy method of exchanging sensitive information via secure email or HTTPS. You must be an approved authorized user to use the CU*Answers secure MOVEit server.

Using the CU*Answers Secure FTP Server

The first step is to become an authorized user of the system. Please contact the Network Services department to get your credit union user name and password. Please provide a list of authorized personnel at the credit union who are allowed to request help from the Network Services team.

The secure HTTPS server is located at You will need a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) capable of supporting HTTPS and SSL v3 or TLS v1 encrypted connections. SSL v2 is not supported.


The secure email/HTTPS server is available via an Internet connection as well as via the private-frame circuit between CU*Answers and your credit union (default configuration for online credit unions). Your credit union will be provided a private directory from which to send and receive files. This directory is secure and is only available to your credit union and CU*Answers.

Files are automatically purged from your directory after 30 days. We do not back up any files and don’t guarantee the availability of this server or client files. Clients should not use this server for short- or long-term storage of files.

Your credit union user name and password are private and should not be disclosed to any non-employee of the credit union. The credit union should develop appropriate internal policies to safeguard this information. This service is only for clients of CU*Answers and may only be used by personnel authorized by CU*Answers. It may only be used for sending and/or receiving files to or from CU*Answers. The server is monitored by CU*Answers employees and unauthorized use may result in termination of this service. Unauthorized activities may be reported to law enforcement.

September 26, 2014