It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking

im247_mobile_web_bankingIt’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking is ready to go NOW…all you need to do is turn it on! Members will automatically be redirected from the standard It’s Me 247 website when they navigate to online banking from their mobile device. Mobile Web Banking has a similar feature set as It’s Me 247, but with views optimized for web browsers on mobile devices, and slightly more advanced styling for the iPhone and Android based devices. Smartphones exist in many varieties: iPhone, Android, Windows, etc. While we try to make our mobile sites accessible to as many of these devices as practical, those with full featured modern web browsers such as those based on WebKit or Opera will usually give the best results.

Features of It’s Me 247 Mobile Web

  • Set and change password, security questions, and personal information
  • View account balances and details for savings, checking, certificates, loans, and credit cards
  • View funds on hold for savings and checking
  • View pending authorization for credit card transactions
  • View pending ACH transactions
  • View your secure Message Center
  • Perform instant transfers between accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Apply for a loan

Mobile Bookmark Instructions

Mobile_bookmark_instructionsDownload the instruction sheet telling members how to create a mobile bookmark on Android or iOS
Download Instructions

Get Started

It’s Me 247  Mobile Web Banking is free.  Contact a CSR to turn it on.  If you are exploring an It’s Me 247  Mobile App, you will need to have It’s Me 247  Mobile Web Banking enabled.

Custom It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Themes

Want your own corporate colors on your It’s Me 247 Mobile Web? You can!

Once you have approved your new color theme, this theme will become the default theme for your It’s Me 247 Mobile Web. Since most mobile apps embed It’s Me 247 Mobile Web, your custom theme will automatically be updated through your mobile app provider. An It’s Me 247 Mobile Web theme is selected by the credit union for all members. That is, all members will have the same color theme that the credit union chooses. Make sure you notify your membership prior to making this change.

Order Yours at the IRSC Store

Note, an It’s Me 247 Custom Mobile Theme is a prerequisite for the Free It’s Me 247 Hybrid Mobile App.

Samples of It’s Me 247 Mobile Themes

June 10, 2016