Getting Your Releases

A Different Model for Managing Software Releases

Guaranteeing the difference…so you keep getting the most from your In-House Image System

When you choose CU*Answers imaging solutions, not only are you getting a robust set of tools with powerful features, you also get a different experience. When it comes to keeping that investment up to date, ready to take advantage of future advancements in technology and end-user tools, we want your experience to be different from what you might get with other vendors.

We want you to experience the difference in a solution that comes from a cooperative – from your partner. As your partner for core processing, we have a unique understanding of your needs and the environment our tools require to work to their full potential. So CU*Answers makes its in-house image system clients this promise.

Our Promise

We will provide well-documented, well-tested, solid releases for your in-house imaging systems that are low impact on your operations to implement.

We will provide clearly-defined instructions and outline the expectations for your role in implementing the release.

We will drive the release process forward through continuous improvement.

We will partner with you, collaborate with you, and respect your input.

We will act as expert resources and support you with your imaging system, envisioning ourselves as a member of your team.

We will work to bring features that automate workflow, integrate with CU*BASE and are valuable to you and your members, and considerate of all supported imaging environments.

We won’t leave until the job is done.

What We Expect, What You Should Expect

What You Should Expect

You should expect that you will need to work with us and participate in loading releases. You will need to provide feedback and vest in our mutual success.

You should expect that you will need to adhere to specific standards and guidelines, in order to ensure consistency and the experience you desire.

You should expect that over time this service and your experience will become solid and predictable. It will take time to get this service where we all want it to be. There will be ups and downs, but together we will make this into the kind of experience you expect from a partner that is vested in your success.

What We Expect

We expect that we will need to work at this continuously and never stop improving.

This offering is new and is about building process, business and brands. It will be hard work, it will take investment and we will have our ups and downs. We are focusing on long-term success. We believe that we are not just some vendor providing a product or service; rather we are a partner collaborating and vested in your success as a part of your team. As such, we expect to work tirelessly to ensure we deliver the difference.


  • A $2,000 one-time system onboarding and certification fee
  • A $150 monthly subscription fee

Standards for Guaranteeing the Difference

In order to guarantee the difference and be able to provide timely releases, fixes and support of releases, we need to guarantee the environment. This means we need standards for things like code versions, documentation and training. We also need standards to ensure that software is installed in a consistent manner, on a consistent platform (OS) and on networks that meet minimum requirements.

These standards will change from time to time and changes will be communicated to you, once again with the understanding that we will know you and respect the realities of your environment.

Standards for Your Servers

Data Server Minimum Requirements

  • 2Ghz + Zeon Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 60GB OS Partition
  • 300GB Data Storage Partition
  • RAID 5 Recommended
  • Windows 2008 R2 x64
  • Appropriate backup solution

Member Portal Server

This server will reside in your DMZ with specific ports open to communicate with the Application Server.

  • Intel Based processor, minimum of 2 cores allocated to this server
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available disks space for web site and logging functions
  • 40 GB available for OS
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 64 BIT


Standards for Your Network

We recommend that a minimum of dedicated bandwidth to the imaging server be allocated as follows:

  • Smaller branches (less than six employees): 1.5 Mbs for uploads and downloads
  • Midsize branches (7-18 employees): 3 Mbs for uploads and downloads
  • Larger branches (more than 19 employees): 5 Mbs for uploads and downloads
  • TCP on ports 20206 and 20207 need to be open between the data server and member portal server if leveraging a member portal


  • Sunset dates for previous versions will be announced at the time of the release; you will be expected to adhere to these dates
  • If you use the services of an outside network vendor, they must be available to work with us during your scheduled release deployment time

Confused about what comprises an “appropriate back up solution” or anything else specified here? No worries! We can help.

CU*Answers Network Services and our Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Services teams are in your corner. They will recommend solutions that are just right for your needs, and make sure you thoroughly understand your options.

Ask us how!

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