Risk Management Report Generator

Use this Risk Management site as your resource to complete an evaluation of your relationships with CU*Answers.

Identify your vendors, complete a contract abstract for each vendor, create reports to analyze potential risks, then compare that analysis to the same set of Examiner’s questions under which your financial institution is tested.

If you have trouble answering the questions, help is available. Simply display the responses previously submitted by your peers. As these pre-defined questions are answered, all responses are saved to the system for use by others in the network while creating their own reports.

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February 18, 2015

Don’t Forget to Vote in the 2015 Elections – We Need YOUR Vote!

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF PROCESSING CREDIT UNION CEO We Need YOUR Vote! Have you reviewed the proposed bylaw changes and new board candidates? Your voice is always important, but with only TWO weeks left to vote, we need to hear you louder than ever. Read what you’re voting for in the 2015 Elections. If you’ve registered… Read more »

Jun 1, 2015

The 2015 Elections Are Here and We Need YOUR Vote!

ATTENTION CU*ANSWERS OWNERS With board elections and bylaw changes on deck this year, it’s imperative that you make your voice heard. We can’t wait to hear you speak out about these changes by casting your ballot at the Annual Stockholders Meeting! Read what you’re voting for in the 2015 Election This year, we’ve introduced e-voting!… Read more »

May 4, 2015

My CU Today Access Credentials Arriving 1/2

ATTENTION ONLINE CREDIT UNIONS: My CU Today access credentials will arrive this Friday, January 2. Receiving Your Access Credentials For those credit unions that signed up for My CU Today, your access credentials will be emailed on Friday, 1/2/15, to your credit union CEO or the staff member who signed the order form. Credentials will… Read more »

Dec 30, 2014

My CU Today Webinar

ATTENTION ONLINE CREDIT UNIONS: My CU Today – Your Credit Union’s Vitals at Your Fingertips! Coffee, newspaper, My CU Today. Just like the morning news, My CU Today provides you with an early-morning report on how your credit union performed the day before. Get the latest information about your membership and operations with daily notifications!… Read more »

Nov 17, 2014