It’s Me 247 Alert: Warning Messages for Members

As mentioned in the email you received earlier this week, since the old URLs used for various It’s Me 247 online banking features will be expiring on November 13, we will be starting to warn members who might still have the old URLs in their browser Favorites, rather than navigating to your credit union’s website…. Read more »

Oct 30, 2008

Tell Your Members About the Changes to Online Banking

As you already know from the Release Summary you received a few weeks ago, we are updating It’s Me 247 with several new exciting features during November (17th for online, 24th or 25th for self processors). Tell your members about the progress prior to the release by sending them online banking messages or emails! It… Read more »

Oct 29, 2008

It’s Me 247 Alert: More Links to Check

As you have heard several times from us now, the URL used for It’s Me 247 online banking has been changed, and the old URL (the ones with in them) will no longer work as of November 13. There are also several other related URLs that need to be checked to make sure you… Read more »

Oct 28, 2008

Hot Off The Press And Coming To A Mailbox Near You!

In case you haven’t heard, Xtend and LenderVP are hosting two Town Hall Meetings later this month to discuss two of the hottest topics in our industry — Member Communication and Payday Lending.  The timing could not be better based on the economic news of late, the level of competition, and the possible erosion of… Read more »

Oct 20, 2008

CU*BASE Release 8.3 Coming

CU*BASE Release 8.3 has been scheduled for November 17, 2008, for online clients, and November 24-25 for our self processing clients.  IMPORTANT: This is our first-ever CU*BASE upgrade on the New GOLD Standard (NGS) version. That means you must complete your NGS upgrade prior to this release! Open the Release Summary Open the Training Schedule… Read more »

Oct 17, 2008

Simple Ways to Protect Your Members: #6

If you: A) automatically deactivate online banking access for all new members, and B) expire online banking passwords due to non-use after 90 days, then how do you run an online banking promotion? After all, sending a marketing piece to members won’t do any good if they’re disabled or locked out from logging in. Of… Read more »

Oct 17, 2008

Simple Ways to Protect Your Members: #5

If you turned on the non-use expiration feature for online banking, here’s another great tip:  Have your internal auditor check out the Disabled/Inactive PIN/Passwords report on the Auditing Functions menu (MNAUDT #6). Members who haven’t logged in in a long time should probably be deactivated from online banking access altogether.  This helps protect these accounts… Read more »

Oct 16, 2008

Simple Ways to Protect Your Members: #4

If you only activate online banking access for members who request it, how do you know they actually log in?  If you don’t walk new members through this step while they are still in your lobby, start monitoring these in CU*BASE! This spring we introduced a new report, MNMISC #11 “New Mbr Online Banking Use… Read more »

Oct 15, 2008

Simple Ways to Protect Your Members: #3

Here’s another simple way to protect members and show you are serious about security.  Contact a CSR and change your defaults so that new members are not automatically granted access to online banking until they actually want it. Members who never use online banking might be just the “low hanging fruit” that a bad guy… Read more »

Oct 14, 2008