Follow-up on the It’s Me 247 Alert

As noted in the previously published CU*BASE Alert, the attached explains the recent issue that occurred with It’s Me 247 online banking. We recommend you use this as documentation for your credit union’s security incident process and include it in the minutes of your next Board meeting. Read the announcement

Sep 29, 2008

HA Rollover Scheduled for This Weekend

We will be rolling to the HA backup system starting at approximately 9:00 a.m. ET Sunday morning, September 28.  While the system is rolling over, there there will be brief interruptions to all systems — including CU*TALK audio response and It’s Me 247 online banking — for a period of about 30 minutes.  We will… Read more »

Sep 25, 2008

CU*EasyPay! Product Overview Training Event

You’re offering CU*EasyPay! to your members…now what? How do you add a biller? What do you do if you have a payment inquiry? How does this bill pay system really work? In this class we will go over how to use CU*EasyPay! as well as some background information (the who, what, where, when, why, and… Read more »

Sep 23, 2008

Remember to Verify Your Club Accounts!

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas Clubs are soon going to expire (Sept. 30 or Oct. 1 for some of you, Oct. 31 or Nov. 1 for others), and now is the time to verify your accounts before the transfers are made.  Please assign someone to perform this verification before your club accounts expire. Use… Read more »

Sep 22, 2008

It’s Me 247 Alert: Notify Your Members

Have you updated the links to It’s Me 247 Online Banking on your website yet? Good! If so, you’re ready for the next step. (By the way, if your website is hosted by CU*Answers Web Services, your website has been updated!) Attention Marketers: Remind Your Members to Update Their Browser Favorites! If members get to… Read more »

Sep 19, 2008

It’s Me 247 Alert: Action Required!

Okay, the changes noted in the email you received last week (“It’s Me 247 Alert: New URLs Coming Soon!” dated 9/9/08) have now been made!  Now we’re ready for you to take some action… Attention Webmasters: Update the Links on Your Website! If CU*Answers maintains your website, you’re all set on this step.  We will… Read more »

Sep 16, 2008

Tiered Service Focus Group October 9

As announced at the Leadership Conference in June, we’re starting a new Focus Group to help us plan for the future of the CU*BASE Tiered Services member relationship and rewards management tool. Please plan to join us: What: CU*BASE Tiered Services Development Focus Group When: Thursday, October 9, 2008, 1:00 — 5:00 p.m. ET Where:… Read more »

Sep 4, 2008

Learning From Fraud

One of our clients has a member working through the aftermath of a stolen identity. We thought we’d pass along a few tips to help your members avoid the same fate: Someone pretending to be the member called the CU and asked for his online banking password to be reset. At the same time, the… Read more »

Aug 27, 2008

Are You Keeping an Eye on the Right CU*BASE Reports?

Whether you are new to CU*BASE or have been a client for years and years, you know that the system has a robust and diverse collection of reports, from daily automated reports that get archived in CU*SPY to hundreds of on-demand reports available from just about every CU*BASE menu.  It can be almost overwhelming at… Read more »

Aug 26, 2008