Custom Branding Options


For years, members who use the It’s Me 247 online banking channel have enjoyed features that allowed them to personalize the site to their preferences. The very name, It’s Me 247, was targeted at making every individual member feel like they were the central focus. But options for customizing the online channel were relatively limited when it came to identifying the credit union. The assumption was that the member came from the credit union’s site, and would remember that. There’s no doubt that this allowed for quicker development of the CUSO’s self-service channel, at amazing price points. With the look-and-feel upgrades to It’s Me 247 in January of 2013, we launched a new platform to improve navigation and also allow for credit union-level customization. In this booklet you will find our 2015 options for branding and customizing online banking and future mobile solutions to fit your credit union’s unique style and brand. From making your logo the marquee on every page, to creating a unique color scheme and uploading custom photo albums, your credit union can now take advantage of the next evolution for our self-service channel solutions. Learn more about the Self Service Channel Custom Branding Options at the Internet Retailer Support Center

Self Service Branding Options